Book Yourself Solid Coach & Business Owner Launches New Business Endeavor as Accountability Squad

Debbie O’Grady, project manager, visionary and “Accountability Queen” hosts virtual event from Orlando to launch new business

Online PR News – 29-June-2015 – Orlando, Florida – Accountability expert, business coach, thought leader, and visionary Debbie O’Grady launches her latest business venture, The Accountability Squad, on July 2 in an unusual, yet trendy fashion—a complimentary Virtual Accountability Day, from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern time zone, where attendees participate in contests, drawings for prizes and a project, which they complete with help from Debbie O'Grady and The Accountability Squad.

"What better way to have all of my colleagues, mastermind team, clients and friends participate and celebrate with me," says O’Grady, who recognizes that celebration and having someone to celebrate with is a piece of accountability. When asked about her decision to have a virtual launch Debbie responded, "I wanted an event where everyone can have fun. People tend to view accountability as something serious, even threatening, and I want to show them that it can be positive and fun, making it easier to reach those challenging goals."

As an expert project manager, first in the corporate world and then as a business owner, O’Grady is process and detail oriented. Fresh out of the corporate world, she began her entrepreneurial career as a certified coach in Michael Port’s Book Yourself Solid system. Working with her clients, many of whom were business owners, Debbie recognized that one of the missing pieces in the small business community was accountability. As the company owner, who else was there to make sure that all aspects of the project were complete and all the pieces were in place?

I wanted an event where everyone can have fun. People tend to view accountability as something serious even threatening and I want to show them that it can be positive and fun making it easier to reach those challenging goals.

"I soon realized," says Debbie, "that I was very good at finding and filling this missing component with my clients, who were business owners. Most of them thought of accountability as intimidating and something to avoid. I wanted to make it fun and a positive experience." Debbie also realizes that having an "Accountability Squad" means that businesses and owners reach their goals faster and when they achieve the goals, the Accountability Squad is there to celebrate with them.

About Debbie O’Grady
Dubbed ‘Queen of Accountability’ by her clients, Debbie is a thought leader and expert on leveraging accountability to achieve successful outcomes. She is the visionary founder of The Accountability Squad.

The Accountability Squad works with business owners or forward-thinking coaches who want their clients to stay focused and on track to accomplish their goals and achieve success as rapidly as possible. The elite group of coaches that are clients of The Accountability Squad totally recognize the benefits and value of supplementing their own existing high-end coaching program with progress tracking and accountability, and know they don’t want to do it themselves.

The Accountability Squad works with Individuals who understand that accountability translates to focus, progress, and success. Even if these individuals already have a coach, they recognize that the Accountability Program complements and enhances the benefits they are receiving from their current coach. The Accountability Program helps them transform the knowledge and direction imparted by their coach into action and achievement.

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