Maine Coon Cat Nation Unveils The Cat Store

The pet care industry offers a vast array of cat care products. Now the guesswork has been removed. The Cat Store presents the best cat care products for big cats.

Online PR News – 09-September-2010 – – Pet care is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are pet products available at every turn. Devoted owners of big cats, such as the Maine Coon Cat, now have a place to turn where the sea of cat care products has been narrowed down.

Maine Coon Cats can have special needs when it comes to cat trees, litter boxes, and more. These large house cats can easily tip feeble cat furniture or spill a too-small cat litter box. Worse yet, they may refuse to use a cat litter box that is too small for them.

The range of cat care products available to them can easily perplex cat owners. In addition, many pet owners don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of product reviews. “I was surprised when I first shopped for a large litter box,” comments Carrie Profenno, President of “I spent hours eliminating units that are too small, shallow, and light weight for my 18 pound cat.” Many of these special, large cat litter boxes are only available online.

As Maine Coon Cats reach middle age, they can become overweight. This can expose them to health concerns, such as feline hip dysplasia. To combat obesity, it’s important for indoor cats to exercise.

Maine Coons, especially males, tend to remain clown-like and playful throughout their lives. A quality cat furniture tree will keep these cats active and healthy. High quality, well-reviewed cat trees for big cats provide a place for these cats to stretch, climb, and stay physically fit.

Some of the other cat care departments include: Cat Scratching Posts, Cat Lover Gifts, Cat Trees, and Outdoor Cat Enclosures. Soon to be open are Top Pick Flea Products, Natural Products, Grooming Supplies, Catnip, and New Kitten Supplies. was founded in January of 2010 as a resource and gathering place for Maine Coon Cat fans worldwide. The site features a range of articles on subjects from cat care to breed information. For additional information, or to contact Carrie, visit The Cat Store.

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