PRESS RELEASE “Do You Know?” June issue now on line!

Dennis Vieira, presents the monthly online magazine Do You Know? on Native Americans, and North American Wildlife. Only
17 and older allowed access.

Online PR News – 29-June-2015 – North Dartmouth, Massachusetts – June Issue topics

New Photo Gallery!
Raiders of the Strawberry Patch!!!
(Part Three)
(Part Two)
(Part One)

Native Words this month!!
There are 27 vocabulary word entries, from the languages of 4 different tribes.

New Column Premier!

The Crawlers: “Conch” Snails

Special Report
On Saturday, June 13 I went to the Wollomonuppoag Indian Council Pow-wow

Special additional installment of:

Native American Foods, Feasts, and Festivals: “The Walking Taco”

2015 List of Pow-Wows, Socials and Special Events

(Native event listings for June through August.)

Consider This…. (Part One)

Do You Know!? (The Thunder Callers)
(Woodpeckers Part Two)

What?! The Thunderbird maybe real?!

Native American Foods, Feasts, and Festivals: The Strawberry

Check the feature: Through the Moons: (The Native American 13 month Calendar of the Year)

Check the feature: In Honor of Sun Bear:

Consider This…. (Part Two)

In the Night…
(Hint: They are the icon of warm Summer nights!)

(Hint: It’s starkly related to the In the Night topic!)

Next Issue (July)
Hopefully ready by or before, third week of July.