QVC Features EZMELTS Energy and Clarity Formula

EZMELTS - the melt-in-your-mouth nutritional supplements - make a splash on QVC's television shopping broadcast.

Online PR News – 09-September-2010 – – QVC’s slogan is 'Quality, value, convenience.' And the multinational broadcast shopping giant wants you to know that ezMELTS - the trusted brand of melt-in-your-mouth vitamins and health supplements - fits the bill perfectly. The Energy & Clarity ezMELTS formula was recently featured on the QVC show My Time with Mary Beth. The Energy and Clarity ezMELTS formula was the third highest selling product of the day at QVC - a remarkable accomplishment for such a young brand.

QVC gave its global audience a recent taste of what ezMELTS are about on its broadcast of 'My Time with Mary Beth,' a popular show on the QVC network. The show’s celebrated host, Mary Beth Roe, along with health reporter and beauty expert Lucy Segal, noted ezMELTS’ innovative and revolutionary approach in developing its Energy & Clarity formula supplements. The ladies touted the 4-month supply of ezMELTS Energy & Clairfy formula as an excellent value. They also raved about a fact that a majority of regular users of the ezMELTS line already discovered…their great taste! With most supplements falling flat with a chalky or unsatisfying taste, both said one of the more gratifying attributes of ezMELTS was that their natural cherry flavor. Roe went on to praise ezMELTS as better than a pot of coffee or a sugar snack as a quick 'pick me up.' The Energy and Clarity Formula combines Vitamins B12, B6, biotin and other nutrients to keep you up, alert and on point. Segal went on to relate that she used to be prescribed Vitamin B shots on the arm, and emphasized the innovative technology that allows the ezMELTS supplements to melt in your mouth without water and without swallowing. Roe mentioned the satisfaction guarantee as an additional reason to take advantage of the offer. This special QVC offer is still available at

“We’ve dedicated countless hours of research and development to create formulations people can be assured contain proven and safe ingredients, before any product is launched to market,” said Dr. Jose Rocca, PhD., Executive Vice President of Research and Development for Solara, the makers of ez MELTS®. “I’m confident in the products we sell, and I stand behind them. Being on QVC is a great milestone that cannot be achieved by just any brand” said Jeff Powlowsky, Solara’s CEO. This appearance, along with the company’s recent accreditation by the Better Business Bureau “bolsters that view and shows we are a reliable company that customers can depend on,” Powlowsky stated.

QVC spans a dedicated global audience of 7.6 million households. With reported consolidated earnings of $1.8 billion for the second quarter of 2010, it’s a force to be reckoned with. Solara and ezMELTS are pleased to join the shopping network giant as another vehicle to bolster its own media and brand exposure.

ezMELTS products are a great-tasting, unique line of fast-melting oral nutritional supplements that dissolve rapidly in the mouth without water or swallowing. As a result, the tablets quickly deliver the active ingredients of vitamins and supplements more effectively, while making them easier to ingest. ezMELTS are designed for those who don’t like swallowing pills and enjoy a portable, on-the-go alternative to supplementation. This may include not only the elderly and children, but also active professionals, young parents, bariatric patients and anyone who has difficulty swallowing pills. ez MELTS® offers a full line of oral dissolving nutritional supplements and vitamins, including Energy Memory and Mood Enhancer, Resveratrol, Stress Relief Complex, CoQ10 Complex, Joint Relief formula with Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Bone Support formula with Calcium and Vitamin D, Stress Relief formula, Appetite Control SlimMelts, Energy Boost formula, Multivitamins, and an Acai & Goji Berry antioxidant superfoods formula.

Solara, Inc. is a Florida-based manufacturer and distributor of nutritional supplements and vitamins. The company offers revolutionary products through private-label manufacturing, as well as its ezMELTS® brand. Integrating pharmaceutical expertise and technology, Solara incorporates state-of-the-art research, formulation and production to yield high-end, over-the-counter nutritional and vitamin products

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