Lamood Big Hats Presents: Top 10 Male Celebrities with a Big Head

These celebrities have the biggest heads in show biz - Not referring to oversized Hollywood egos, rather the big heads they were born with.

Online PR News – 09-September-2010 – – The one size fits all hats make these celebrities heads look bigger than they already are. These celebs need big hats for their big heads so their head size looks normal and not oversized as shown in their pictures.

10. Mel Gibson
His mug shot revealed how big his head really is.

9. Howard Stern
Discussed on his radio show how he was unable to find big hats to fit his large head.

8. Drew Carey
Come on down you're the next celebrity that has a big head.

7. David Hasselhoff
Don’t Hassle the Hoff about his big head.

6. George Lopez
On his show, Lopez Tonight, he is a self proclaimed big head and measured it as proof.

5. Conan O’Brien
There is an online video game based on his big head.

4. William Shatner
Although William Shatner is more known for his big headed ego, this refers to his big noggin.

3. John Travolta
His hat does not fit his oversized head and he would benefit by wearing big head hats.

2. Michael Moore
Michael Moore wears a Michigan State hat that is too small for his big head.

1. Jay Leno
He has a term named after his big head, the Jay Leno Syndrome, referring to someone having a large head size.

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