Rockin' Moms Awards Songwriters For Their Songs About Parenthood

Rockin' Moms Conducted An International Song Contest Seeking Songs That That Reflected A Parenthood Theme

Online PR News – 10-September-2010 – – Rockin’ Moms ( conducted an international song contest seeking songs that that reflected a Parenthood theme. “We are looking forward to sharing these diverse, touching and poignant songs about parenthood.” gleams, Tiffany Petrossi, founder and mother of four.

The 1st place winning song, “Making My Way,” portrays the everlasting love of a parent, as her child she makes the transition to adulthood, making her way in the world. Written and performed by aspiring new talent, Zarni, a 21 year old singer/songwriter originally from South Africa. Her mother and stepfather immigrated to the small town of Johnson City, New York when she was 11 ( “I got on the bus to go back to Boston and for whatever reason I felt very aware of that I was now alone. I was starting to have to accept my life on my own, making my own decisions, making my way. I pulled out the sandwich bag she packed for me (see they still do take care of you after you leave) and sure enough...there, bright and shiny as a spoon, was my sandwich in tin foil.” recalls Zarni as impetus for writing the song later that day. She is currently studying at the Berklee College of Music and is a few semesters away from finishing her double major in Music Education and Songwriting.

Zarni wins $1,000 in cash from Rockin’ Moms, a Daisy Rock Guitar, Song Books from Alfred Publishing, products from D'Addario, Planet Waves, Indie Venue Bible, Kilroy-Media web hosting, Nette Radio CD preview and Rockin' Moms radio promo and platinum membership!

The 2nd place winning song, “Here and Now,’ by Brown University graduate and musician, Katrina Carlson (, depicts the wonder of a newborn through a mother’s eyes. “Here and Now will always be an extraordinarily special song to me because I wrote the lyrics while holding my 6 week-old baby in my arms. Although the words were inspired by the unique bond of love that exists between mother and child, the song's overriding theme is universal: being grateful for and present in every breathing moment of life,” relates Katrina.

Mother of two and Austin-based performing songwriter, Karen Chisholm ( is awarded 3rd place for her original song, “Snow Globe.” Chisholm comments about the song, “One night we were taking down all the tinsel of the holidays, and I picked up a snow globe that we’ve had since my daughter was little. It seems like just yesterday, but in a few shorts years, she will be driving off to college.”

Rockin’ Moms also awarded Honorable mentions to: 3 Kisses– All That Matters Is Love; a song is about family life experiences that pale in comparison to love. Dorothy C. LeBlanc- Stay at Home Mommy Blues a factual account of a hard all-nighter being a parent, Jeanie B! and the Jellie Beans - Hey Daddio!, an upbeat, children’s dancing tune, Lanny Sherwin- You Me and The Moon, illustrating the bond between parent and child, Margaret Macdonald- Letting Go about the inevitable but heartbreaking time your child goes to college, Matthew Stemme- Laughter in the Hallway, is how, “ Life is what happens between the lines. I welcome the adult years of my children, but my heart longs for the days that we marked time upon a doorpost,” writes Stemme. Renee Winter-Just Like You Mom was a song she wrote for her mother on Mother’s Day. Righteous Mothers- Lesbian Honeymoon Holiday a song celebrating family in Hawaii, Shelly Knight -Cool Daddy declares that Daddy can still be cool. The Jerry's song- D and Me was inspired by time with his son and Travis Michael Nagy- Standing on your shoulders pays tribute to his single-mother commitment to her son.

The songs, artist stories and notes are currently all showcased on the Rockin' Moms website, and will considered for the 2011 Rockin’ Moms, Songs About Parenthood,” CD compilation.

Rockin' Moms, founded in 2004 by Singer-Songwriter, Tiffany Petrossi, is a company and online community website that promotes, provides resources for and acknowledges the work of mothers. Attracting members from across the globe, it is quickly moving to become the social networking platform for all moms. Rockin’ Moms recognizes the talent and passions of mothers and the song contest is an avenue to expose and share the works and sentiments of parenthood.

This contest was open to both professional and amateur songwriters. Winners were chosen by a panel of Music Industry professionals and Rockin' Moms staff who judged entries with a scoring system based on originality, melody, composition, lyrics and relation to the parenthood theme.

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