BoostMySale Introduces Multiple e-commerce Site Integration

BoostMySale is credited of introducing a multiple e-commerce site integration package. The same package also aims at controlling social networking activities

Online PR News – 29-June-2015 – kolkata,West Bengal – PLACE, 25th June, 2015 – BoostMySale is credited by introducing multi-channel e-commerce, a feature that integrates operation over multiple sites. The company’s smart turnkey e-commerce solution aims about bringing this integration without any additional cost. Empowered with this package it is possible for a commodity seller to have a presence over multiple e-commerce sites and even monitor them in unison.
Normally, every e-commerce site is required to be regulated separately for multiple presences. However on installation of this multiple channel e-commerce platform botheration of regulating individual sites is avoided. It is possible to initiate a modification at a single source and then integrate the same to other sites. In addition to monitoring, this package allows users to analyze business figures and subsequently prepare customized reports. BoostMySale would provide necessary inputs in preparing these customized reports.
Users of this multi channel e-commerce solution could utilize the different channels discreetly and selectively so that a product is neither under nor over represented. Together with a presence in different e-commerce websites, this application regulates presence in leading social networking sites. It is needless to mention the importance of social site presence in this generation of globalization. Network presence enables sellers and producers of goods and services to stay connected to thousands if not millions of potential and existing clients on an informal level. Comments and suggestions put forth by visitors could help modifying any business or publicity decision. If required users of BoostMySale package could send newsletters or mailers individually through these networking sites. Notes thus received at a personal level carry immense marketing significance.
This multi channel selling platform also enables sending of discount coupons and freebies to clients as and when desired. No additional cost is incurred for incorporating these publicity items. Other benefits like business processes integration and single window operation are inherent in this package.
About the company – BoostMySale is an appendage of Navsoft (Navigators Software) established in 1999. Navsoft is a software venture of Rungta Group of companies having interests in diverse fields such as finance, steel, engineering, and artificial fibres. Navsoft in 2013 was awarded the top 50 emerging companies.