Coal Finds Smoking Gun in Showdown with Natural Gas and EPA Proposal

New coal technology offers promise of salvation for dying coal fired power industry and reduces CO2 emissions at the same time.

Online PR News – 29-June-2015 – Sheffield Village, OH – For over a decade the coal mining industry has been in a relentless fight for survival between the natural gas industry and other conventions to produce power and energy for utilities. The question of the day is, “Do we eliminate the coal firedpower industry entirely and all the jobs that go with it or should we improve and perfect it?” Many people like our own President seem to think the solution is to dispose of the “old way” and usher in a new power paradigm. What is easily forgotten is that this nation has relied on the coal industry for countless years, and it has proven to be economically impactful and important to our competitive well-being. Additionally we already have a coal infrastructure that has demonstrated reliability for over 100 years. Environmental awareness is on the rise and with alternative ways to produce energy and fuel, what are our best options? The best most cost effective option may prove to be going back to the drawing board and finding a way to boost the efficiency of using coal. The goal being making it burn cleaner as well as using our ingenuity to make it as environmentally safe as possible while at the same time substantially reducing its overall carbon footprint.

Researchers and university professors have pursued the question extensively. Can we make coal more efficient and environmentally safe? It seems as though we can; recent breakthroughs, in the use of coal catalysts, have been taken from the laboratory to the real world and demonstrated to do exactly that. The normal way of burning coal creates a plethora of toxins and hazards and carbon dioxide, but with this recently commercialized and field proven way of coal treatment, the environmental footprint is reduced drastically. It even cuts the CO2 production by as much as 25-27%. Not only does it promote a more healthy environment, it also creates a never before seen increase in energy efficiency, which results in less coal being burned, and saves money for the coal power provider in the process.

The reaction begins when the coal is sprayed with a non-toxic water carried catalyst that enhances the natural process by ionization, introducing maximum power into the natural chemical processes generated with burning coal. Because this revolutionary discovery is so cheaply performed, it can be placed in every coal fired plant in America at virtually no cost to the utility companies, and, it even results in overall less coal consumption which means cost savings, for both provider and consumer. By burning less coal and reducing emissions power companies will see an immediate decrease in waste and increase in efficiency, as well as the environmental safety benefits and reduction of the coal industry’s carbon footprint. This proven technology even means our Clean Air Proposal can be more easily achieved for coal fired power companies, allowing hundreds of thousands of Americans to keep their jobs and welcome new opportunities for careers, while revitalizing the coal energy industry in America. This results in giving coal fired power a second wind and saving the taxing payers the astronomical cost of infrastructure investment that a complete power production overhaul would require.

With twenty percent reduction in coal consumption and absolutely no combustion loss, and a twenty five percent CO2 reduction, this new smoking gun is the only way for big coal to win the showdown between the new EPA regulations and Natural Gas in America. Do we have to sacrifice our environment to sustain America’s access to inexpensive energy and our quality of life? Not anymore.

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