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Mypetquestions.com- an online community that provides a platform for all animal lovers to discuss and share information and knowledge on animals

Online PR News – 10-September-2010 – – Baja, Every first time pet owner goes through anxious moments, where they do not know how to take proper care of their pet animals. Their minds are often clouded with doubts, about what’s good and what’s bad for their pet.

For all those pet lovers, who aren’t too sure about how to take care of their pets, Mypetquestions.com ( http://www.mypetquestions.com ) is a site that attempts to solve their problems. It’s also an arena for seasoned pet lovers to share information and knowledge about animals. So if you are worried about your hamster not eating well or looking for a name that’s appropriate for your Chihuahua, you could always refer to the site.

This search friendly site has a separate column that has a list of popular questions and answers for pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, pet birds, pet fish, horse’s and reptiles etc.

For you to be able to ask questions or answer to a question, you need to register with them. The registration allows you to post unlimited questions and answers .There are reward points for being an active participant on the site. For example if you have posted a question, you are rewarded 5 points, and if your answered question is chosen as the best answer, you automatically earn 20 points. These points are over and above the 50 points earned on registration. These points help you to attain the different levels, specifies for analysts. Higher the level, higher is the credibility of the answer of the pet lover. The site also has a category solely dedicated to analysts. They are displayed as featured analysts, top all-time analysts and top analyst of the week.

About Mypetquestions.com: Mypetquestions.com is an online community that aims to handhold both, the nervous first timer and the seasoned pet lover, by serving as a platform for all pet lovers to clear their doubts from animal lovers all over the world. It’s a complete reference for all pet questions ( http://www.mypetquestions.com ) and answers.

To know more, visit them at http://www.mypetquestions.com .