Recruitment Process Digitalized - The Next Generation Video Recruitment Application has arrived.

Vresapp - A Video Recruitment Web Application which facilitates recruitment & placement agencies to reduce their turnaround time in the recruitment process.

Online PR News – 26-June-2015 – Chennai, India – All the recruitment and placement companies have faced this scenario. Going through hundreds of CVs, holding one round of interviews after another, trying to get to know the applicants as good as possible to make sure you pick the right one for your client. Gone are the days from this very long and tricky recruitment process. The era of Video Recruitment has arrived.

VresApp Incorporation a company headquartered in India has launched vresapp – a Video Recruitment Application, the first of its kind in Asia. Vresapp is an online cloud based Video Recruitment Application which would facilitate recruitment companies and placement agencies to reduce their turnaround time in the recruitment process and increase their placement ratios.

The Product
The system allows to post job openings and invite applicants to apply for the posted jobs through video resume and in turn share the video resumes with their clients through a unique VRL (Video Resume Link). Unlike other video resumes sites our VRL is not only a showing a video, it is a one page template which showcases the candidates text resume, photo, all his credentials and a video, all in one ensuring at a glance the client can make a decision.

With recruitment & placement agencies looking for new ways to increase their placement ratios we believe that our vresapp offers a unique "video resume" tool that provides a new platform.

Video resumes are most definitely the wave of the future. The primary reason why employers would value video resumes is the ability to assess a candidate’s professional presentation and demeanor. Most Employers revealed that they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them.

With each vresapp account the client gets a Hosted Career page which would be linked to their website with all their job openings displayed and on which candidates can create their video resumes and apply for jobs.

Vresapp provides an appealing dashboard with consolidates statistics and a structured framework to maintain a database of their candidates, clients and jobs. Allows the client to Share jobs with the candidates, Schedule interviews with the candidate, Share Video Resume Links to the client, Sent automated emails to candidates and Search the candidate database, not limited vresapp has got other numerous features to make the recruitment process fast and easy.

The Company
VresApp Incorporation, a firm headquartered in Chennai, India is endeavoring to broaden the scope of recruitment process by using futuristic techniques to address the problems currently faced by the market. We are actively engaged in a broad range of activities, all focused on creating crucially needed transitions towards sustainable practice, primarily in the area of recruitment. We feel proud to be the first company in Asia to introduce vresapp an Online Video Recruitment application platform for recruitment and placement companies.