Retail Technology, KSA increases presence in New Markets of Middle-East

Retail Technology is one of the leading POS and merchandising solution providers all over the world.

Online PR News – 26-June-2015 – Jeddah, KSA – The advent of technology has revolutionised the retail and merchandising industry to a great extent. It has replaced the traditional cash registers with efficient POS systems employing a network of computers, scanners , printers and many other devices as per the needs put forth by the retailer. Middle East has been a significant centre of trade since the historic times, and is even today well known for its exquisite spices, hand knit carpets, jewellery and much more. Hence, undoubtedly it has great retail potential even today. Therefore, the Retail Technology team has made efforts to make their presence felt in the relatively new markets of Middle-East.

Retail Technology is one of the leading POS and merchandising solution providers all over the world. Its comprehensive and advanced retail management software solutions have supported small scale enterprises and even large corporate chains alike. Also, the solutions are cost effective, customisable and easy to use. Now, it has decided to make its presence more profound in markets of Middle-East, while specially focussing on service delivery for Speciality retailers.

Some of the key features that Retail Technology’s innovative retail management solutions perfect for Specialty Retailers in Middle-East are:

1. Easy to use:
The goal of their retail solutions is to reduce paperwork, generate repeated traffic, minimizing the inventory expense and providing a smooth POS with remarkable customer service. Thus, to meet these objectives, Retail Technology’s retail system is extremely easy to use and learn and can be easily supported by local professionals.

2. Superior Retail Architecture:
Retail Pro system supports a superior architecture with delivers exceptional flexibility, unlimited scalability and maximises performance. Also, it can integrate flawlessly with accounting systems, ERP systems, customer management systems, business intelligence and analytics systems or any other business application that the retailer might want to deploy.

3. Solid retail Business Practices and rules:
Retail Pro has been built with an established and rock solid retail business logic services foundation, which governs the fundamental business rules of transactional retail logic. Also, the user is free to make changes in interfaces and database independently, without any programming or customisation.

4. Extensive Tailoring Tools:
The Presentation services under Retail Pro allow the retailers to create compelling customer facing screens to attract the users with on-going promotional sale events, discounts and ,uch more. Also, the “hot key” capabilities of this POS can help in switching between front-end and back-end office operations.

5. Customised Reports and Documents:
Retail Pro employs the industry standard Crystal Reports Viewer and Report Manager to customise and read receipts, documents and reports available on the system. Also, no additional programming or customisation is required to include filters for graphs and charts for reports and documents.