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RightVerify is an online review portal where in you can check out real time and trust worthy reviews of products and services and post your own reviews too.

Online PR News – 26-June-2015 – Mumbai, Maharashtra – June 23, 2015 – Right Verify releases a real time products and services review portal where there is a give and take of the structured, updated, trusted, real time and concise reviews online in order to help people take the right decisions to buy products and services.

In this modern age, people are becoming aware of marketing and advertising tactics. Very few people tend to get trapped into the promotion tricks. They tend to ask friends and family, read reviews online and speak to other customers before buying products and services. World is slowly and gradually moving towards social commerce and people have started trusting social reviews and brand image more than the advertisements. As a result, we came up with an idea of developing an online review portal that provides real time reviews on products and services.

This real time product review portal accepts and provides the real time reviews about a large number of products and services in Mumbai, to begin with. So, it is for everyone who needs help in buying products or services and the one who wants to share their experience and reviews about the products or services which they have got.
This online review portal can also be called ‘Products and Services Wiki’, as it contains an unbelievably comprehensive range of categories of products and services. Some of them include Apparel, Automotive, Books, Computers, Educational Institution, Electronics, Employer, Entertainment , Health and Beauty, Home and Appliances, Local services and Mobile, to name a few.

The categories of real time reviews on products and services also include online shopping, People, Personal Finance, Real estate, builders and developers, Restaurant and Food, Small businesses, malls and stores, Travel as well as Wedding.
Taking a buying decision is no more difficult with this user friendly online review system mobile application. All you have to do is download the Right Verify iPhone application from iTunes store or download the Right Verify Android application from Google Play Store and sign up. Then, you can sign in to take a sneak peak over the product or service that you want and it will help you decide if it is worth investing. You can also search, browse, view and follow products and services reviews.

On the other side, it is extremely easy for the users who want to post a review on this easy to use real time review social platform. All you have to do is sign in into your account, select a category and choose the product or service about which you want to share a review. You can fill up the values for the given attributes of products and services. If you don’t find the attribute about something you want to share, you can add attributes as well and then express your views, once the admin permits you to add the new attribute. The admin verifies your review and makes it available for other users on the portal. People can like, dislike, rate or comment on your reviews and you can reply to their comments.

The CEO at Right Verify says, “Right Verify is a thought and innovation that will helps hundreds of thousands of people in making right and informed decisions before investing into a product or service. I am extremely glad and proud that we came up with such an innovative idea like Right Verify to help people buy right things from the right place at the right time.”

Right verify, your one stop solution for reviews regarding all types of products and services is all set to provide you with an ocean of information to make right buying decision. Be a part of the contribution, post a review and help people know the real views about the products and services.