Power Protection for Your Homes and Offices

New units of the Power Protection Systems of the Riello UPS have been introduced in the stocks.

Online PR News – 10-September-2010 – – Riello UPS ltd, the Europe's leading manufacturer and online dealer of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is now selling Power Protection Systems in both Standby Power Supply and Line-Interactive Power Supply categories.

http://www.riello-ups.co.uk manufactures the world class UPS(s) in the state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. Both the Standby Power Supply and Line-Interactive Power Supply are made up in single phase and double phase and may vary from 300VA to 10kVA in both the sections. The Standby Power Protection system may come in "Plug and Play" mode, especially those below 2kVA output. The UPS(s) with power higher than 3kVA requires commando plug and socket arrangements to run the device successfully. 5-10kVA units of Line-Interactive Power Protection Systems are best suitable for the medium to large offices. These types of UPS(s) are not the "Plug and Play" type devices, instead they need to be installed by professional hands only.

http://www.riello-ups.co.uk produces two types of UPS(s) as mentioned above. The Standby Power Protection is suitable for the homes. The battery of this device is connected to the parallel lines of the appliances, hence there is a gap between the power cut and production of electricity through the battery. During this gap the attached appliances close down and hence this feature of the UPS makes it unsuitable for office purposes. The Line-Interactive Power Protection system is used for office purposes. The battery of this device is connected to the main lines and hence the production of current starts as soon as the power cuts or surges occur. There is no gap between the power cut and production, hence this UPS is best suitable for offices.

About the company: Riello UPS has been showered with many prestigious awards over the years, namely ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SAFEContractor services.

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