A New 5 Star Romantic Series released by Arline Miller

Arline Miller is proving to be one of the best- selling authors of modern romantic novels.

Online PR News – 26-June-2015 – Kathleen, GA – Arline Miller has already brought out her first book ‘A Mistress, A Wife’ which would be continued in many sequels hereafter. The entire storyline with all the books have been clubbed under the series ‘Reflections of Love’ . True to the name of the series, the first instalment is a reflection of love and the relationship between three sets of people. The tradition of keeping a mistress along with a wife is not uncommon or unheard of in the past. In fact, it is a practice, which is continuing from generations. But not many authors have actually delved deep inside the minds of the people involved in such love triangles to find out the essence of such legitimate and not-so-legitimate love.

Coming to the author herself- Arline Miller has been brought up in a very close knit family. She was raised in Douglas GA where everyone was said to have known their neighbours. Such was the nature of relationships that young Miller had around her. This is exactly why, the subject of love and relationships are so very prominent in her works and series. The fact, that she had witnessed so many different relations at such a young age is what finds reflections in her work and series, today.

While Book 1 of the series – A Mistress, A Wife is already out in the market and can be purchased online too, Book 2 is in the last stage of writing. Readers can Expect Book 2 to be launched soon enough. Titled as “Tell me Lies; Love me still” is a journey of a woman who tries to retrospect her life asking questions she had never thought to find an answer to. It also explores the delicate father-daughter relationship as an integral part of the theme. Lies are somehow knitted in every relationship. But a relationship is successful only if it stands through the test of time and faces all the lies; and yet the love in that relationship does not die even a little bit. Book 2 – “Tell Me Lies, Love Me still’ is a very promising read indeed and would intrigue and interest the readers till the last page. This book can be bought in almost all leading bookstores as well as pre-ordered in Amazon.

With the synopsis of the second book out, and the first book being a huge success, Arline Miller has become a best –selling author of this year. In fact, most of the top reviews about her book have been accompanied by five star ratings. It is the ultimate romantic novel series of the year and is an unputdownable read for all the book lovers. The book has been so beautifully written that the heroes of the book are indeed three women- The Mistress, The Wife and The Author.

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