SmartBear’s Ready! API Integrates with LucyBot API Gallery

New LucyBot Plugin for Ready! API Helps Developers Onboard APIs More Quickly for Real World

Online PR News – 26-June-2015 – SOMERVILLE, Mass. – SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, announced the general availability of a new plugin for Ready! API by LucyBot that generates API cookbooks designed to help developers onboard APIs more quickly for the real world. LucyBot helps API providers build developer portals to promote their API's functionality, automatically generating sample code in several different programming languages and frameworks. This increases API adoption, expands usage among existing users and alleviates the burden of customer support.

“Being able to easily generate code examples and HTML pages that show how your API will work in the real world is just as important as testing and virtualizing,” said Lorinda Brandon, Director of API Partner Development at SmartBear. “By joining these two tools together, API providers can now perform all of the essential activities needed before launching an API.”

LucyBot is a tool for onboarding new API developers and is powered by Swagger. More businesses are recognizing the importance of creating easy-to-understand documentation that goes beyond standard API definitions. LucyBot generates cross-language cookbooks for any REST API. Developers can design step-by-step walkthroughs for any use case, and LucyBot provides cross-language code snippets, which expands into a working, visually-rich demo. LucyBot also pushes the code to GitHub, where users are free to build it out further, pulling in data from their own servers or other APIs.

“We are thrilled to integrate with Ready! API to help API providers create visual tutorials that will help developers quickly and easily understand everything their API is capable of,” said Bobby Brennan, CEO and CTO at LucyBot.

Ready! API is an end-to-end API readiness platform with tools for testing and virtualizing APIs. Ready! API has various application modules available including SoapUI NG Pro, the next generation of SmartBear’s SoapUI for testing all Web services, including REST and SOAP APIs as well as the ServiceV Pro module for creating, managing and sharing virtualized assets. Ready! API is available for download at:

SmartBear has collaborated with leading API solution providers through the SmartBear Developer Network (SDN), where its community of users and partners freely build integrations and plugins to further extend the functionality of the company’s software quality tools. For more information, visit:

For more information on the new LucyBot plugin for Ready! API, visit:

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