Two college students completely re-engineer the men's wristwatch - Chevall Watches

Quality modular timepiece that changes it`s looks depending on the situation. Three different styles for different occasions, all in a matter of 20 seconds.

Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – Ljubljana – “Every knight needs his horse. Strength and stamina have always been caught up in a race with time. There is a hidden desire of each and every man to become a cavalier.
We used to express that with horses, nowadays chivalry is presented by entirely different means, with a watch. Every single day we adapt to our surroundings and with that, we also tend to change our appearance.

We're talking about diversity that leads us to completely different dimensions.
We're talking about a watch that reflects our personality on every occasion. Be that at work, with friends on a night out, or a dazzling date with our better half.
A watch that echoes the interpretation of time of each individual. Aesthetics where quality is unquestionable. A presence that symbolizes the goal of our lives, punctuality. Do you want to become a cavalier? Become one!” is the whole story about Chevall Watches.

“Three different watches in one. The concept is that every individual has, at some point in their life, three different basic looks for the appropriate occasions - classy, sport elegant and sporty. Why buy three different watches, if you can have one with three different cases and straps, which you can change in a matter of seconds?” is opinion of Luka Zgajnar, one of the founders of Chevall Watches.

“Many watches are too expensive, especially for a younger generation. Because of that, we designed a perfect watch, combining quality, elegance and a great price tag." says Luka Badalic, co-founder of Chevall Watches.

“We want to initiate a new global trend, bring back the classic and tradition in watches, which has been lost because of new technologies. Altering the look and striving to become a modern cavalier, that is our main vision and goal among young people. Ethics and moral standards of each individual, who wears our watch, should be prioritized.
We want to share the story and idea that idividuals, who wear Chevall watches, are gentlemen, have a great nose for fashion and have the skills to become a success."

Pictures of Watches and a brief story can be found on this site. Prices range from $199-$229 for the SUPER EARLY-BIRD package (100 pieces) and 299-329$ for the EARLY-BIRD package on Kickstater, later in retail from $399-$429.

Learn more about the Chevall Watch on Kickstarter or sipmply write to us at