Small Business Advertising Program Rescues Owners From Current “Advertising Money Suck”

Small business advertising program offers customer acquisition without committing cash or credit lines to pay for it. Radio, direct-mail, online banners & many other media outlets now open for retail marketing with no cash investment.

Online PR News – 11-September-2009 – – Orange County, CA -- Business owners nationwide, anxious to lower expenses while simultaneously increasing their advertising exposure during these tough economic times, are turning to a proven small business advertising innovation available through (

While research conducted by the American Business Press and McGraw-Hill shows that continuing to advertise during a recession ultimately assists companies achieve higher growth rates over their competition, it still remains one of the first places businesses choose to cut from when looking to lower expenses.

“Most small business owners operate with a limited advertising budget - the worst part is, they have to toss their hard-earned working capital into ad campaigns that may generate absolutely no customers! That’s what I call ‘Advertising Money-Suck’. This program solves that problem by completely eliminating the risk and the cash-outlay business owners usually face.” says executive director Roque Lachica.

The program, first introduced in 1986, has a proven track record of success in the mid-west and lower eastern United States, and is just beginning to roll out on a national level. Primarily focused on local community businesses, the program also works well for companies with multiple locations in a region or even nationwide.

“This is true pay-for-performance advertising. If the program does not generate customers...the business owner does not have to pay for it. And since there’s absolutely no cash investment to run their ad campaigns, they have no cash at risk and they can re-direct those cash-flows to other critical areas of their business.” says Lachica.

To implement the advertising strategy of campaigns running with no cash investment, businesses utilizing the program simply ‘pledge’ or ‘promise’ to honor and redeem a pre-defined number of gift certificates that the business gets to determine up-front before any advertising campaigns begin to appear.

The redemption of the gift certificates by the business is considered payment for their advertising because all revenue generated by the sale of the gift certificates is retained by the program developer.

Lachica goes on to explain, “Essentially, the program allows business owners to barter their goods and services in exchange for advertising exposure. But, it’s done with a very powerful twist - the business is not limited on what type of media outlet they want to advertise with and the media outlet does not have to take the business’ goods and/or services in trade...they get the cash they want for the ad space. It’s an amazing win-win.”

Statistics show, customers redeeming the gift certificates typically spend 20%-30% over and above the face value of the certificate during their visit. More importantly, it gives the business the opportunity to convert them into a long-term customer.

Companies interested in maintaining or increasing their advertising exposure with media such as banner ads, online directories, social media, community support programs, TV, radio, print and direct-mail, with no risk and no cash investment can visit and view the detailed online video presentation.

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About ( provides customer acquisition programs to small and mid-sized companies which can include TV, radio, direct-mail, online banners & many other online and offline media outlets and guarantees to deliver customers for local, regional & national businesses or there’s no cost to the business owner. There is also no cash investment for the program, just a nominal set-up charge.

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