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Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – jaipur/rajasthan – The information portal way2college helps the student community as they take vital decisions about their next move on their career lane. There remains a wide range of career options right from vocational courses to management courses. Identifying the right career path amidst the plethora of options available is the key challenge.

The Career Advisor Mr.Mukesh Maheshwari of Way2college quoted that ‘Our main objective is to help the student community in taking vital career decisions. This portal serves as an eye opener especially for those who are in the verge of entering a new career; our main idea is to provide them the key inputs and help them decide on the course of their choice in their chosen field.’

A brief on Way2college:
Way2college has been a forerunner in the domain focusing on guidelines and references for students’ entry into various programs of study.The webportal helps aspiring candidates in both academic and profession planning. It follows a procedural and rational approach in career advising. Way2college offers information on various colleges’ and universities. The whole idea of the portal is to meet the need of a proper guidance for the student community on identifying the right career path that fulfils the potential and interests of the candidates.
Benefit from the professional and expert services of Way2college
With reverence to career opportunities, Way2college offers authenticated information for easy decision making. It has an in-house research team aimed at identifying the best institutions in various fields of study. The research panel deploys academic professionals and consultants to analyse the functionalities of various institutions and provide continuous feedback on reliability, education standards, infra structure, campus recruitments and certifications of institutions throughout the country. Any vital happening or predicted move in the domain is updated on the website immediately.

Choose your career through Way2college:
Way2college allows for a greater scrutiny of interests and field of study for aspiring candidates. Decision making on an academic or career path is not optional. Forecast, research and identification are the key steps to settle on a preferred and most importantly a suitable career.Way2college with this regard follows a methodological and sensible approach in advising students to progress through their career.

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