UK's First Kinesio Tape Specialist Website Launch
09/10/2010 has been launched to bring the best kinesio tape in the world to sports people in the UK.

Online PR News – 10-September-2010 – – Kinesiology Tape set to take the UK by storm!
The incredible ease of application and effectiveness of K-active Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape has seen it become a vital piece of kit for many athletes in the USA. Often a step ahead, the US market has embraced K-Active Kinesiology Tape using it to enhance performance and aid recovery. And the trend looks set to continue in the UK!

The “Night Train” Bobsled Team, New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez, and The Most Winning Team in Pro Cycling are all fans of K-active Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape.

When Amber Neben, one of North America’s top women riders and a veteran of international competitive bicycle racing, suffered multiple strains in her leg muscles during the Tour of Flanders, she had to spend numerous weeks away from competition in order to rehabilitate.

The good news? Her recovery rate was faster than expected, a fact she ascribes in part to her use of Kinesiology Tape provided by SpiderTech (K-Active). Remarkably, she was back in form at the PAN AM Mexico, where she took second during the time trials.

Neben is one of a large number of professional and Olympic athletes who are recognising the benefits that SpiderTech’s precut Kinesiology Tape brings to the playing field. Athletes from football to cycling to Olympic bobsledding and every sport in between are realising that Kinesiology Tape is an important tool in their training and competing tool kits.

While highly utilised by top professionals, Kinesiology Tape can benefit athletes at nearly every level; aches, pains and injuries from training and racing impact amateurs and elites alike.