AOC and AMD FreeSync™ Make Gaming Monitors Perform Perfectly Smooth

Dynamic refresh rates via AMD FreeSync™ enhance gaming at an affordable price

Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – Dubai, UAE – AOC, one of the top global brands in the display market, announces today their first two gaming monitor models supporting AMD FreeSync™ - an all open technology introducing dynamic refresh rates, eliminating image tearing and stuttering also enabling unhindered fast input. Gamers only need a compatible AMD graphics adapter and driver, plus an AMD FreeSync™ AOC gaming monitor to enjoy the smoothest gaming ever experienced. The all new AOC G2460PF and G2770PF incorporate all these gameplay enhancing features at the same prices as their preceding models.

Superior Smoothness with AOC and AMD FreeSync™
Gaming should be as smooth as possible; this can’t be achieved without a seamless synchronization of GPU and monitor refresh rates. AMD FreeSync™ finally makes this possible without sacrificing performance at an affordable price. This technology delivers a gaming experience with zero tearing and stuttering, while maintaining framerates and input speed at maximum level.

AMD FreeSync™ uses the industry standard DisplayPort™ Adaptive-Sync to enable dynamic refresh rates. That means that the GPU is updating the monitor simultaneously when sending a new image to the monitor, leading to a perfect synchronization between both devices. This all new AMD technology requires no additional hardware and comes with open standards and without licensing fees raising final product prices.

Essential Gaming Features in AOC G2460PF and G2770PF
Monitors meant for competitive gaming are hardly conceivable without a refresh rate of 144 Hz at a response time of 1 ms; the AOC G2460PF and G2770PF support these necessary features while keeping blurring and tearing in check. AOC also implemented i-Care technology, diminishing eye strain and fatigue while delivering high visual depth and detail using a dynamic contrast ratio of 80 million. An integrated Kensington Security Lock keeps the monitor safe at LAN parties so their owners can leave their gaming rig without a need to worry. Though, this won’t happen too often during their extra-long gaming sessions complemented with perfect monitor ergonomics and an extra convenient height and tilt adjustment.