QArea on a Certification Spree!

QArea has decided to encourage developers to receive even more certifications in order to improve and enlarge existing skillsets.

Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – Berkeley/California – Growth towards perfection

Many companies from the IT cluster are simply crushed by lack of skill that appears after a while of stability. People at QArea are fully aware of and completely understand that modern world of software and information technologies is a field where you are dead as soon as you stop growing. A constant process of evolution is involved in making IT companies great.

Few companies truly understand that failure is not an option if you are providing outsourcing services. Considering QArea operates in the field of software outsourcing and is, indeed one of Ukraine’s leading companies from this niche, they are obligated and feel lots of expectations lying on their shoulders. Apparently that is why QArea has commenced their certification initiative.

The initiative

Every developer needs to constantly mature, learn and grow as a professional considering new, improved technologies emerge on a daily basis, to say the least. Every great developer will never continue his quest for perfection, however in the world of business knowledge requires solid proof. That is why management of QArea has decided to encourage developers into taking and earning more certifications, while all expanses are covered and deeper knowledge and vaster skills are the only requirements.

The initiative in progress

First steps were taken towards Drupal and first stars have already risen. QArea aims to grow in reach with Drupal solutions and has recently become partners with Acquia as well. This move was decided on considering QArea aims to grow in reach with Drupal solutions and has recently became partners with Acquia as well. Now, that the process has begun, specialists from QArea expect a significant growth of skill as well as numerous developers with even more certifications.

About QArea

Founded back in 2001 QArea has made a long path and became one of Ukraine’s leading software development and testing outsourcing providers. QArea’s global presence is proven by 4 representative offices in both Europe and USA, the amount of professionals has grown to 300+ over the years and the company may truly be proud with 800+ successfully completed projects with satisfied customers like The Huffington Post, Skype, Microsoft, AOL and many others.