TowelLab Announces the Launch of their Newest Product on Amazon, A Microfiber Cloth

TowelLab, a brand under Buyza Pte Ltd, proudly announces the launch of their newest product at the Amazon Store.

Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – Portland, OR – TowelLab, a brand under Buyza Pte Ltd, proudly announces the launch of their newest product at the Amazon Store. This product is the TowelLab Fast-Dry Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. The microfiber cloth is ideal for spring cleaning and kitchen use. It also serves well as a screen cloth in cleaning computers. Each of the pack comes with 4 royal blue 12”x12” cleaning cloths.

Cleaning is a tough task for some, especially to homeowners who only have enough time to allocate for such chores. But even as a tough task, it does not mean that it has to be more inconvenient for homeowners to deal with when they get their hands on the job. Unfortunately, this is the common cases that homeowners find themselves, being left with a tough and inconvenient cleaning task to finish. What makes household chores much inconvenient? It is when the cleaning materials or items one uses offers so much inconvenience for a person to finish the task with ease. For instance, consider those bulky and wet cotton cloths. The issue with such cloth is does not absorb water and it takes a while before they completely dries.

For someone who wants to get the cleaning task done without hassle, using such cloth material is not recommended. And as a solution to what most homeowner experience with their cleaning cloths, TowelLab now introduces their absorbent microfiber cleaning cloth. The brand developed this spring cleaning product to help individuals in changing the way they clean stuff in their homes. It is a convenient addition to one’s house cleaning supplies for it is not only lighter than the standard cotton towels. But it is also absorbent, save-savings and dries four times faster than the regular cotton towels.

TowelLab’s microfiber and absorbent features a non-abrasive design and can be machine washed. Apart from these qualities, the product is also affordable making it a good gift for any occasions like Christmas and birthdays. To add with its being affordable, TowelLab also offered it with a special launch promo which will be available until July 2015. The special promo allows consumers to get a free pack if they purchase two packs of it at the Amazon Store. Interested consumers who want to avail the offer only have to use the BUY2GET1 promo code to get the free product on Amazon at

Buyza Pte Ltd is based in Portland, Oregon, and it is a company committed in making and selling great towels that consumers can truly benefit from. Concerning their brand’s latest product, the microfiber and absorbent cleaning cloths are ideal for cleaning a range of items, including windows, phone, furniture, dishes, etc.

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