ASL Launches Cable Assembly Kit for Exhibition Industry

Assembly Solutions Limited announce launch of a new range of electrical cable assemblies kits specifically for the exhibition industry.

Online PR News – 10-September-2010 – – The next time you’re attending an exhibition, take a moment to appreciate the complexities of setting up a successful exhibition. The demands made on the construction crew are enormous. Working on a strict “do or die” deadline, they must have 100’s of booths, lecture areas, refreshment stalls and many more constructions finished and functioning perfectly before the doors open. One of the most critical tasks they face is setting up the intricate network of cable assemblies that power the entire exhibition.

ASL (Assembly Solutions Ltd.) is the “Complete Wiring Capability” company. Since 1995, ASL has been manufacturing and delivering cable Assembly Solutions to UK and overseas enterprises that demand the most sophisticated and reliable cable assemblies that money can buy. In addition to their Bolton factory headquarters, ASL now has factories in Poland and China to produce cable assemblies in the quantities their ever increasing clientele demands at the most competitive prices in the market.

Recently, ASL announced the launch of a new range of electrical cable assemblies specifically for the exhibition industry. The demands of the exhibition industry are somewhat unique, because their cable networks must be both as complex as permanent large installations and mobile. Exhibitions are set up one day and pulled down the next, only to be re-installed in another location for the next exhibition. This requires cable assemblies that can be quickly and repeatedly assembled and dismantled, without any loss in functionality.

ASL’s Exhibition Cable Assembly Kit answers this need with specially designed “Plug and Play” wiring harnesses that have been specifically designed and constructed for the needs of the exhibition industry. These PNP cable assemblies are exceptionally versatile and strong to accommodate the range of applications each exhibition demands and the abuse of repeated installations and removals.

With years of experience designing and manufacturing wiring harnesses, control panels, wiring and cable looms and the full spectrum of other cable products, ASL is uniquely qualified to produce cable assemblies for the exhibition industry. This company has been called upon for providing cable assembly solutions for some of the most demanding projects in the industry, including the automotive industry, the utilities industry and the transport industry.

Assembly Solutions Ltd. works closely with the companies that choose them to provide cable assemblies for both one-off custom projects and assembly line production runs. Their reputation for delivering high quality at competitive prices is second-to-none.

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