Franchise Best Buy Poised to Become One of The Fastest Growing Web Lead Portals

The web portal’s USP that gives it an edge over others

Online PR News – 24-June-2015 – New York – After just a week of its launch, the Franchise Best Buy (FBB) website is attracting a lot of traffic and what’s more converting visitors into buyers as well! Notwithstanding the two franchisors who came on board the FBB team, more and more franchise for sale are signing up for advertising their products and services via the latest web lead portal.

But what makes FBB such a winning formula? Unlike most portals in the US, Franchise Best Buy says they are not just a ‘Lead Generators’. Their USP lies in being ‘Buyer Generator’ portal, meaning the visitors who frequent their site have a higher probability of converting their prospective leads into paid buyers!

The Franchise Best Buy model focuses on providing relevant information to potential franchisees free of cost. Research shows that there really aren’t too many organized efforts that provide necessary information to franchisees who in turn can make an informed decision about which franchise industry they would want to invests in. FBB also provides a straight 30 days of free trial period for those who register with them. After the trial period is over, franchisors need to pay a flat $25 fee for each new lead and the team assures that there are no catches in this arrangement. So franchisors don’t need to pay any amount immediately.

Other key benefits for franchisors (and franchisees) include but are not limited to:

• Optimized search for franchises through additional information provided by the franchisors
• Concept Blogs for business ideas to help franchisors gain more out of SEO
• Exclusive Newsletters to Franchise Best Buy subscribers on the franchisor's behalf for lead promotion
• Top notch customer service and free PR for new franchisors joining the site
• Only potential and interested leads to be passed on to franchisors; no irrelevant lead suggestions to reach a ‘bigger number’

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