Pinch of Awesome Launches ScreenOut For Video Multitasking

Pinch of Awesome is excited to announce ScreenOut, the solution for multitaskers. This useful Chrome extension pops out embedded videos into a separate screen!

Online PR News – 24-June-2015 – Philadelphia, PA – Whether it's watching a FIFA video on Twitch while working in Excel, following a Photoshop tutorial on YouTube while performing each step in realtime, or live-streaming the news while writing an email, users want an efficient way to watch videos while doing other things.

Web enhancing app development company Pinch of Awesome is excited to announce ScreenOut, a solution for these savvy multitaskers. The useful Chrome extension pops out embedded videos into a resizable, movable viewer so users can work seamlessly in other windows.

Without ScreenOut, Chrome users can only keep web videos in sight if the browser is the active window and the page containing the video is the active tab. ScreenOut allows users to navigate away from the page, close the tab, and use other apps while without interrupting playback. Movies, TED Talks, music videos, and even YouTube playlists can be positioned anywhere on the screen for efficient multitasking, and the viewer can be customized to stay on top of other windows.

ScreenOut's key features include:

- Compatibility with most embedded web video (YouTube videos and playlists, Netflix, Twitch, Vimeo, and more)
- Resizable and moveable video viewer
- Option to dock video viewer on top of other apps
- Complete playback functionality in viewer (volume, pause, play, full-screen, closed captioning, etc)
- Ad-block before and during YouTube videos
- Keyboard shortcuts

Download ScreenOut for free in the Chrome Web Store.

Pinch of Awesome eliminates frustrating digital experiences by creating truly efficient apps. Where other apps fall short, Pinch of Awesome steps in with a solution that does exactly what the user needs.