NuBody Concepts Offers Awake Abdominoplasty To Get Rid Of Fat And Additional Skin

Patients Raving About Results From Awake Tummy Tuck Procedure

Online PR News – 24-June-2015 – Memphis, Tennessee – Stubborn fat and skin can be removed using the Awake Abdominoplasty procedure. NuBody Concepts offers this procedure to remove fat while also helping to refine a patients contours. This tummy tuck procedure is performed while the patient is awake and under localized anesthesia. The Awake Abdominoplasty procedure is safe, effective, and minimally invasive. The advantages of this procedure over a traditional tummy tuck include: reduced side effects, faster recovery time, no general anesthesia cost, and a greater amount of fat removed compared to a traditional tummy tuck.

Candidates for this awake tummy tuck procedure include both men and women who have loose, hanging skin or a protruding belly. Candidates should be in good physical health and shape but who are unhappy with excess abdominal fat. Women who have finished having children often pursue this procedure to regain their pre-mommy bodies. Men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight can also benefit from the awake tummy tuck.

Dr. Joseph Greco III, Chief Medical Officer and Director of Operations and Aesthetic Surgery for NuBody Concepts, states, “Our patients rave about the results that they receive from the Awake Abdominoplasty procedure. The results are a flatter stomach and a more toned physique. This tummy tuck procedure also allows for customization and is minimally invasive making it safer for our patients than a traditional tummy tuck.” Dr. Greco is board certified by the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Greco has performed numerous cosmetic surgery procedures including the Awake Abdominoplasty procedure.

NuBody Concepts has two cosmetic surgery centers in Tennessee. These centers are located in Nashville and Memphis. Both of NuBody Concepts’ cosmetic surgery centers offer a free no obligation consultation to discuss cosmetic procedures available, cost, and answer questions that a patient may have. To schedule a free consultation with the Nashville office, please call 615-229-5975. To reach the Memphis office, please call 901-235-5753.

Along with the Awake Abdominoplasty procedure, NuBody Concepts offers numerous other body contouring procedures. A sample of the procedures offered include: Aqualipo® liposuction (a water assisted lipo procedure), NaturalFill® Fat Transfer, Smartlipo® liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, WaveSculpt Body Sculpting, Botox, and Laser Hair Removal.

To learn more about NuBody Concepts or any of the cosmetic procedures that they offer, please visit online at: or call 615-229-5975 for the Nashville office or 901-235-5753 for the Memphis office.