Egghead Creative asks 'Can your idea be the next big app?'

2015 June 15 to July 15, 2015
BuiltForFree is an open platform to encourage budding entrepreneurs to submit ideas and get them prototyped for free.

Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – Hyderabad, AP – Hyderabad, June 24: Egghead Creative's Built for Free campaign has entered into the second week of the initiative to support the best idea from the global startup community. The Hyderabad-based application design, development and support solutions firm has launched the 30-day campaign to bring together the ideas of the budding entrepreneurs before a jury of technology experts and business analysts. The winning entry will get a chance to built a free prototype in 60 days. At the conclusion of the prototype, the candidates have the options to exit or to expand their operations in collaboration with Egghead Creative.

While the campaign is open to all ideas and business scenarios, the entries that are ready for development in terms of IT products and applications are more likely to be considered for a prototype. While employees of organizations are also encouraged to pitch in their ideas, the campaign has a comprehensive legal framework to vet original ideas of individual entrepreneurs and micro startups. In addition, the legal framework assumes the applicant to be the sole of the submitted idea without copyright infringement. The disclaimer absolves Egghead Creative of any liability of the complications, legal or otherwise.

Speaking on the traction created by the initiative, Founder - CEO Srinivas Aki said the campaign was a logical shift to engage the bright ideas that deserved a prototype. "We work wonders with a prototype because we operate in the area where business and IT are inseparable. With this campaign, we aim to trigger the new wave of innovation and demonstrate the power of prototyping amazing ideas," he added.

Srinivas urged the applicants to look at the idea and its prototype as the foundation to much larger vision. "Irrespective of the idea, it all comes down to the utility and the reach. How often is your product useful, in how many ways it is useful and to how many people it is useful?" he added.

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