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Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – usa – Portland, OR - In an attempt to honor numerous companies and people at one place, the Creative Oregonian Entrepreneur has launched an online Honor Awarding Museum. It is an interactive platform which allows artists, companies, writers, businesses, professionals, etc, to have a dedicated Golden Web Wall Tile so that browsers can know about them in detail.

The ideal is novel in itself and has garnered the interest of many people. Since there are a number of categories to choose from when it comes to the skill, this is an ideal platform to market an individual or an establishment too. There are many big names which are associated with the Honor Awarding Museum. At , there is another interesting aspect of the awarding phenomenon.

The web page is unique and is consistent with the theme. It has been designed so as to make it easier to navigate and find out about specific talents in a convenient manner. has more information on who can be included in the Awarding Museum and how to pursue the same.

There are so many people who we wish to honor because of their work. Some others are famous for their disposition and other activities. In order to bring all of them together, we have come up with this idea of creating a web wall. Once you contact us with your specific field of specialty, we will check the details and selected laureates get awarded with the prestigious Golden Web Wall Tile. This consists of the name of the company/person and the respective URL.

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About the website

The website claims that this is their latest innovation to recognize talented people and help others know about them. Since it is in the start-up phase, there are possible more interesting developments. Team is gathering experience on how to make the ‘Walls’ more interesting.

Apart from this, project team has a number of other ideas which are equally impressive. Interested investors can contact them at the below mentioned information and help in realizing these ideas.

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