Bayside Limousines Announces New Online Quotation Service

Bayside Limousines, the leading luxury transport specialists, announces a new online quotation system for their Sydney operations.

Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – 25/6/2015 Sydney – Bayside Limousines, the leading luxury transport specialists, announces a new online quotation system for their Sydney operations.

In future, potential clients will not only be able to see details of Bayside’s fleet and their extensive list of services online but they will also be able to obtain a fast online quotation and advice service too.

Bayside Limousines business owner, Oris Squadrito, explained more about the business rationale:

“For many years we have made ourselves totally and unreservedly available to potential customers for enquiries, advice and guidance. Of course, we have also always operated on a strict “no commitment required” basis when inviting people to call or visit us to obtain information.

However, we recognise that in today’s frantic world people are increasingly busy and sometimes don’t want in-depth information at the very outset but instead just simple ballpark figures. They also may not have the time for a phone conversation and perhaps even less for ‘calling in’.

So, we have introduced a new online quotation system for our luxury coach and limo hire. Sydney based potential customers can simply enter in some broadly indicative information relating to their requirements, such as dates, and we’ll take it from there. The result will usually be a rapid call or email back with some estimated facts and figures.

I’d like to emphatically make the point that in offering this new service, we are NOT trying to ‘push’ our customers onto electronic means of communication. Bayside Limousines has and always will value personal contact and nothing in this announcement for the new system should be seen as running contrary to that.

We hope our new quotation system proves popular with all our customers and potential customers, both business and private.

Anyone in our team would be happy to respond to further enquiries and I would also welcome questions from interested parties or the media.”

Potential clients are invited to try the new quotation system via Bayside Limousines’ website, where details may also be found of their fleet and other services including their special “Personal Concierge” service.

About Bayside Limousines

Operating in Sydney and across Australia, Bayside Limousines has an extensive fleet of vehicles including stretch limousines, luxury cars, modest-capacity ‘people mover’ type transport as well as large luxury coaches.

Their history goes back to 1981 with the business undergoing a huge strategic expansion in the Millennium.

Their services include:

• Airport Transfers
• Executive business transport
• Trips and tours
• Weddings, Christenings and Funerals (plus other family events)
• Social events
• Event co-ordination and bookings.

Specialising in personal service and a commitment to excellence, their services are underpinned by a series of guarantees including that of punctuality, whereby they’ll offer the transport for free if they’re late.

For further information

To learn more, please contact:

Bayside Limousines
50 Correys Avenue
Concord NSW 2137

(02) 8765 9782

(02)8765 9326


You can also peruse their newsletters to learn more of the company’s history by visiting their website