Biocom Technologies, acclaimed HRV devices manufacturer, presents HRV biofeedback devices

Biocom Technologies,offers HRV biofeedback devices for use by professional users and health-cautious individuals.

Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – Poulsbo, WA – Poulsbo, WA: Biocom Technologies, a leading manufacturer of heart rate variability or HRV devices and technology, has brought forth HRV biofeedback devices for alleviating stress and mitigating its impacts on the body. The Heart Tracker Professional Edition and the Heart Tracker Home Edition are the two variants of HRV biofeedback devices manufactured by the company.

Biocom Technologies was founded in 1996 as a research and development company for biomedical software and sensors devised to monitor human physiology for research and educational purposes. The company has, since then, grown into a leading research and development organization developing HRV technology and devices.

Heart rate variability or HRV refers to the measurement of the variation in the time intervals between successive heartbeats over a specific period of time. This variation in the time intervals between contiguous heartbeats is caused by the interplay of the opposite influences of the two branches of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) on heart rate; the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Low HRV indicates impaired autonomic balance and compromised physiological resilience. High HRV, on the other hand, is linked to a well-functioning autonomic system and an adaptive cardiovascular system.

Biocom Technologies’ HRV biofeedback devices are aimed at helping the parasympathetic response regain effective functioning. The effective function of the PNS is imperative to a well-functioning and resilient human body. Effective PNS function could be lost to primary autonomic disorders or secondary autonomic failure caused due to chronic stress or diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and metabolic disorders. The Heart Tracker Professional and Home Editions function upon the basis of utilizing the positive effects of paced breathing in augmenting respiratory sinus arrhythmia; a physiological function associated with changes in the heart rate owing to changes in the breathing rate of an individual. Paced breathing at a specific rate dictated by the HRV biofeedback devices helps exercise the PNS and restore its abilities to regulate and stabilize various physiological functions.

Biocom Technologies’ HRV biofeedback devices can be used by stress management specialists in assisting their practice as well as by general healthcare practitioners to assess the efficacy of their health interventions. The Home Edition of Biocom Technologies’ Heart Tracker is apt for use by consumers for stress management purposes and for the improvement of overall well-being.

The benefits of tracking and improving your HRV have been proven by the scientific community. Improved HRV leads to improved emotional and physiological resilience, an enhanced ability to deal with external and internal stressors and an improved state of overall well-being.

Biocom Technologies’ products have been obtained and used in more than 60 academic and research organizations worldwide. Biocom Technologies has also attracted organizations with complementary technologies to become strategic partners with the company, owing to the company’s well-researched and effective HRV devices and technology.