Google’s Image Overlay Feature Bad For Websites and SEO, Says High Position’s Mark Carter

High Position SEO expert comments on changes to Google and how it may affect latest optimisation strategies.

Online PR News – 09-September-2010 – – While some users may have been impressed with Google’s new Image Search features, High Position Search Engine Optimisation specialist Mark Carter points out a potentially negative consequence for site owners of this new feature –“Potential visitors may never visit your site as a result of this – they may find what they want from the image overlay itself, and not click through to the site. This could impact what a given site can achieve in terms of receiving visitors, sharing information, and potentially making sales. They may never get the chance, as Google has high jacked your image and presented it out of the context of the rest of the page.
It should be noted that only Firefox seems to have the overlay capability at present – perhaps a reflection on the browser’s capabilities compared to other browsers. Site owners who are concerned by this can use Javascript to prevent Google’s overlay, but few are likely to implement this of course.”

Mark continues: “Google are trying to add more value to their search offering, by attempting to provide users with the ability to receive additional information and carry out certain activities without necessarily having to visit a site. The use of One Box technology is another example of this, where, for example, you can begin booking a flight on Google instead of going to the site in question; departure and return dates can be found on Google itself, or even alternative flight information.”

“The same is true of the weather too; any search for weather conditions brings up local forecasts without needing to visit a weather site. While this may well answer users questions quicker than would otherwise happen, from a site owner’s perspective it means a reduced opportunity to offer information, education, entertainment – and perhaps most importantly it reduces their ability to influence them to buy a product or service.”
“This has an impact for SEO’s as well, as it may mean that efforts spent optimising your clients site for vertical (image) search will bear diminished returns. Its early days, and Google had a history of introducing features and then either heavily modifying them, or removing them altogether. Watch this space!”
Mark Carter is an SEO Specialist with High Position, an Essex-based company that offers a fully integrated approach to internet marketing; with services that include SEO, PPC and Conversion Rate Optimisation. The company has developed a reputation for focussing on return on investment rather than rankings or traffic as standalone factors in their clients’ success.

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