Raptroop Announces The First Digital Talent Network For Music

The only true crowdsourcing social network for music where the world's vocalists, producers and graphic designers, create and build!

Online PR News – 25-June-2015 – June 24, CA – Kingston, Canada – June 23, 2015 – Why not have a single place where people can contribute to your music project by providing the services needed to make these projects actually happen?
This is why Natu Myers is developing a social network called Raptroop.com for this purpose and needs help with funding.

Raptroop was developed with glorious open source software used by Natu Myers, a 20 year old computing student, a university football player, and a Canadian with this vision for the future of music production in the hands of indie talent. Natu does not want the limited time and resources he has to stop him from being able to share the potential of this platform to the world. Working with professionals will help him ensure that he can distribute the best possible platform he can. The plans include UX/UI by the development team Mindcrackers. Better experience, and they can also help him implement Soundcloud and Stripe. Additionally, Raptroop needs funding for talent acquisision via hiphopdx.com, the biggest talent network in our scope. Funding will be used to aquire an initial talent pool.

About Raptroop
Raptroop.com is a product in the works (which is currently an open beta) that is built from open source software called Oxwall. It is a social networking website that serves the purpose of having users join as a "vocalist", "graphic designer", "producer", "marketer", "fan", or "record label", and to exchange services. These services are intended to fuel music production and dramatically ease the process of music collaboration partners from every step of an album creation process for small and/or indie artists. The vision is that finding a song feature will be done in seconds.

To LEARN MORE about Raptroop, or to HELP FUND this campaign, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1719291556/raptroop-the-first-digital-talent-network-for-musi

Natu Myers
Kingston, Canada