Triple Pane Window Manufacturer High Performance Thermal Envelopes are Important Energy Efficiency

Intus Windows, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient windows, says that high performance building envelopes improve energy efficiency and comfort.

Online PR News – 24-June-2015 – New York, NY – According to Rolandas Talalas, Principal/Managing Director of Intus Windows (, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of energy-efficient window products, when it comes to green building technology, it is important to consider the products being used to achieve a high-performance home. However, he notes that the assembly of the house, using those products, is what will make a true high-performance home. This is achieved by creating a high-performance thermal envelope that will ensure that all aspects of the home work together.

Talalas says that, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the thermal envelope includes everything about the house that serves to shield the living space from the outdoors. It includes the wall and roof assemblies, insulation, air/vapor retarders, windows, and weather stripping and caulking.

“All too often an existing house, especially one that is a few decades old, may be drafty in the winter and hot in the summer,” says Talalas. “Unfortunately, the money you spend on heating and cooling goes right out through the walls and ceiling when the thermal envelope is not designed or built properly.”

Thankfully, Talalas says, a designer can create a high-performance thermal envelope in an existing home just as well as they can in a new home and that a building’s thermal envelope is one of the most important factors in determining how energy efficient that building is.

“According to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Star program, improvements to the building envelope can result in both a more comfortable indoor environment and a reduction in energy costs,” says Talalas. “Here at Intus, we recognize that energy efficient window design is crucial to creating this envelope.”

In addition to being one of a home's most attractive features, he notes, windows can also account got up to 25 percent in energy savings, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

“A homeowner can realize significant savings by simply using windows and doors with the Energy Star label, which are twice as energy efficient as those produced ten years ago,” Talalas explains.

He says that for a typical home, an Energy Star window can save between the homeowner between $126 and $465 each year when replacing single-pane windows and between $27 and $111 per year when replacing double pane windows.

“The type of window that's best for your home depends on where the home is located,” says Talalas. “Window performance is measured by U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. “

The Energy Star criteria is based on the U-factor and SHGC combinations that provide significant energy efficiency for a given climate zone, he says. Energy Star regulations require a lower U-Factor, in more extreme or colder climates, and a lower SHGC value in warmer climates.

The operating style of the window plays a major role in its performance as well, according to Talalas. Single and double-sash windows are the most common types found in homes across the country, but the best performing type, he says, is the casement window, which opens by a hinge on one side, usually operated by a crank mechanism.

“This type of window offers the best seal against air leakage, reducing heat loss around the window seal,” Talalas explains. “If you have an existing home, replacing your old worn out windows with new energy efficient windows will pay off in the long run. For a new home, demand high-performance energy efficient window and door products from the beginning, for the best energy efficiency possible.”

Intus Windows ( is a pioneer in manufacturing and distributing super energy-efficient, sustainable windows and doors in the United States. They specialize in Triple Pane Windows. Driven by technology, innovation, and continuous progress Intus Windows energy-efficient windows, doors, and curtain walls lines will fit any commercial, residential or industrial application, and they are Passive House Certified and suitable. For the past 21 years the company has manufactured and installed more than 800,000 windows and doors all over the world, with main export markets in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. Today, with a manufacturing facility in Lithuania, Intus has entered into the super energy-efficient window market here in the United States. For more information, call 1-888-380-9940.

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