PickNChoose is the New Social Reality Game where Candycrush meets Tinder

New game app to launch soon that creates a new trend called 'Social Reality Gaming'. Gamification drives users to build more meaningful social relationships.

Online PR News – 23-June-2015 – London, UK – PicknChoose is the New Social Reality Game where Candy Crush meets Tinder

23rd June 2015 There is a new social media app that's ready to hit the market, and predictions are that it will be disruptive and change the perception of social reality gaming.

PicknChoose is a new social reality game that uses gamification in the same way as Candy Crush. However, with PicknChoose you are connecting with people and earning ‘points’ to reach your next level.

The concept is simple. All players start at level 1 – the more people a player connects and interacts with (both opposite and same sex) the more points are gained!

As a player develops his/her profile, adds images, updates profile information, connects with new people, chats and gets to know more connections etc. more points are awarded; when the end of level 1 is reached, the player moves to level 2 and so on.

Candy Crush became a global phenomenon and changed the way that we look at social gaming apps – for the better. The success of Candy Crush and the reason for its staying power in a notoriously fickle market is its simplicity and that it's a great traditional game, but also its huge social impact. A big part of the appeal is being able to compare scores with friends online.

With PicknChoose, it's a case of Candy Crush meets Tinder.

PicknChoose is an app which is multidimensional in nature – it can be treated as a game, dating app, social circle builder or just a general social networking tool for online interaction.

Aside from gamers, the app is targeted at people who don't necessarily play traditional games, and also those that are sick of the hook-up apps such as Tinder with a way to building relationships, social circles or dating.

The app is currently in pre-launch stage, having been in development for over a year, and will launch formally in August. The beta version on iOS, which is available from the end of June 2015, can be accessed by signing up at www.picknchoose.me

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About PicknChoose

PicknChoose is a fun social reality game, where users are rewarded with points and level advancements for interacting with each other. PicknChoose uses gamification to encourage men and women to build meaningful connections in a fun way. This is called ‘social reality gaming’.

Feedback/ testimonials from test users

"There is an incentive there to meet people because of the points system. I like it because it makes me feel like my interaction is leading somewhere"

'How can I play it seems fun'

'I thought this was a dating app, but I can see now how it's a game, after seeing it in action'