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Online PR News – 09-September-2010 – – If you are a shooter game lover, then you must be crazy about the Kane & Lynch 1: Dead Men which has brand new distinctive style and with free playing way. Too short to satisfy you? Yeah, IO will never let its fans waiting for a long time, here Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days came released on Aug. As expected, it is really an enough example of the archetypal Gears third-person shooter, but it's never more than that. Dog Days improves in virtually every part from its original.

Kane & Lynch 2 takes us to Shanghai, China again, with a stylized surveillance-camera art style that supplements the action which gives deeper “criminal” feeling , you can shoot your way around the city in search of a specific target. Assassinating suspects, infiltrating the mob, and killing many enemies along the some harmless residents is excited. More than that, Dog Days supports multiply players on line, and expands this area significantly with extra modes and features, including an Arcade mode that puts up an online leader board for single players in Fragile Alliance along with multiplayer variations of Fragile Alliance and classic multiplayer modes - all of which will undoubtedly last long after the single-player is finished.

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