Announces Launch Of New Pay Per Head Software
06/24/2015 prepares to launch its new pay per head software, which promises to change the world of online sports betting.

Online PR News – 24-June-2015 – Los Angeles, California – With gambling being even more popular now than it has ever been before, many players are searching for new and innovative ways to help alter their fortunes that they have made thanks in large part to the impending economic downturn. This essentially has brought more bookies out of the woodwork, with each one requiring all of the necessary means to successfully manage all of their accounts. As a result, has officially launched a brand new version of their award-winning pay per head online software that will allow all bookies to manage the accounts of both their domestic players and their offshore players. In addition, they will be able to, without fail, transferring all transactions of their pre-existing clients over to the brand new software.

The latest version of’s software can be managed by one of two different parties. Firstly, they can be managed by bookies as a way to stay on top of their casino, horsebook, sportsbook, and poker numbers. Secondly, the software can be managed by players themselves. Furthermore, the pay per head software can be accessed via a personal computer, laptop, or a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet.

The new, updated version of’s software is still able to be accessed through the pay per head system, which charges bookies a single fee per the amount of players they have. As a result, bookies will be able to obtain access to a larger-scale-type of software at a price that they can afford, and a software that will contract and expand flexibly with their overall user base.

A spokesperson has offered comments regarding the launch of the new price per head software as well, stating that bookies will be able to obtain a massive amount of use out of it, including for aspects such as a call center for their offshore pay per head operations, as well as basic account management needs, which is a kind of flexibility that has never been seen or used before in the gaming industry. In addition, the release of this new software, the spokesperson says, is to redefine the brand as a utility that is truly "must-have" and unique for any local bookie looking towards the future of his business.

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