Film Composer Vincent L. Pratte Dazzles Audiences with Scores for Several Award Winning Films

Vincent L. Pratte continues to woo audiences with his captivating scores in the films "Eloise, little dreamer" and "The Dynamic Double Standard."

Online PR News – 22-June-2015 – Los Angeles, CA – 2015 has been as successful as it has been busy for Canadian film composer Vincent L. Pratte as two of his recent projects, "The Dynamic Double Standard" and "Eloise, little dreamer," continue to garner astonishing praise around the globe.

Accompanied by Pratte's exhilarating score, the film "The Dynamic Double Standard" screened at the Lighthouse International Film Festival earlier this month, and it has also been chosen as an Official Selection of the 2015 Rhode Island International Film Festival where it will screen in August.

A comedy film directed by Luke Patton, "The Dynamic Double Standard" follows Zoey, played by award-winning actress Kandis Erickson ("Masters of Sex," "Ray Donovan," "Mad Men"), as she prepares for her first night out as a super hero.

A parody of recent super hero films, everything seems to be unfolding as it should for Zoey in "The Dynamic Double Standard" until her long-awaited debut arrives and she is expected to wear a skimpy super hero costume that makes fighting crime virtually impossible.

"Musically, I found my inspiration in Christopher Nolan’s 'Batman' trilogy," explains Pratte. "Since the film itself is a parody of those modern superhero flicks, it seemed only natural that the score should be as well."

Pratte's score proves that music can intensify the laugh out loud comedy moments in a film, especially when it comes time for Zoey's long-awaited transition.

Eloise little dreamer

"We wanted to pay homage to the old 'Batman' TV series, so I wrote this very cheesy music with an early 60s groove for the middle scene where the female soon-to-be superhero changes into this ridiculously sexist costume," says Pratte. "The contrast and the unexpectedness of this cue made the scene even funnier."

Switching gears completely, Pratte displays the diverse nature of his talent as a film composer through his work on Myriam Obin's film "Eloise, little dreamer," which wrapped production earlier this year.

An animated film that allowed Pratte to create a more intense and percussion-driven score, "Eloise, little dreamer" has already reached an impressive level of international success winning the Polskafree25 Visual Art Competition organized by the Polish Consulate in Montreal, Best International Animated Short from the New York City International Film Festival, and Best Experimental Film from the Cinema Monster Film Festival.

Inspired by the "Maple Springs" protests that took place in Montreal in 2012, the film "Eloise, little dreamer" follows a little girl who, after following her older sister into a crowd of protestors, gets lost amidst the chaos.

About his score for the film Pratte explains, "We wrote all the music from Eloise’s point of view, a rather naive witness of these sometimes frightening, sometimes enchanting events. It was a challenging project that took me outside of my comfort zone, but it was all the more rewarding for that very reason."

Pratte's score compliments the visual story that unfolds in the film perfectly; in fact, in lieu of the lack of dialogue on the part of the characters it becomes even more evident that the story relies solely on Pratte's score to communicate its emotional elements.

Through his incorporation of heavy horns and drums, Pratte creates a feeling of excitement and anticipation as Eloise approaches the crowd, which then swiftly contrasts to a more ominous tone through the use of low strings and woodwinds as the young girl finds herself claustrophobically surrounded by a tumultuous bunch of protestors towering over her.

Some of Pratte's other compositions include scores for the films "Eleanora: The Forgotten Princess," "The Cost of Freedom," "Miss Mustard Glade," "Luce di Vita," "Foos Your Daddy," "The Fatal Sip," "John Doe," "SubLIME" and "Der Treibende Fischer."

Pratte's work on the latter four of these films garnered him four SOCAN Foundation Award for Young Audio-visual Composers over the last four years, a prestigious award that is given to Canadian composers under the age of 30.

Long before Vincent L. Pratte began wowing audiences with his unparalleled talents as a film composer, he was making widespread contributions composing music for concert halls. He still does actually, he's adamant about that.

He admits, "As you become more involved in your job as a film composer, it becomes harder to find the time to sit down and write a piece of concert music. But it's something that I really want to keep doing. It's a part of me that I just can't let die… It allows me to do things that I couldn't do in a film score."

Although the majority of modern films leave little room for the kind of strong orchestral scores that Pratte loves most, he did get the opportunity on Blair Skinner's film "Eleanora: The Forgotten Princess," which wrapped production earlier this year and will begin its run on the festival circuit in the coming months.

The film follows Eleanora, a young princess whose future reign over the throne is superseded upon the birth of her new baby brother leading her to seek revenge through the acquisition of supernatural powers.

"When [Vincent] came up with the theme for our lead character Eleanora I nearly got chills. It was so powerful, yet vulnerable at the same time which is exactly who the character is. Everyone who has seen Eleanora always comments on the music and how professional, magical and powerful it sounds," admits Skinner. "I can't wait for the many, many projects Vincent and I will work on together! And he better say yes when I call him!"