EduCommerce Technologies helping schools communicate better with parents

The Press release from the desk of EduCommerce Technologies having SchoolA2Z – school parent communication app.

Online PR News – 22-June-2015 – Jaipur/Rajasthan – SchoolA2Z, a fresh initiative by EduCommerce technologies Pvt. Ltd, is a technology platform for schools aimed at helping schools function easily. Its limelight product is School Communicator app, which aims to be a helping hand for school members and parents of the students studying there.

According to SchoolA2Z, Free Mobile App solution for schools, "It's concerning that schools and parents are growing apart. And we have been profoundly trying to understand the reasons for that. We realized that the busy schedules have limited the meetings of parents and schools to a few minutes of mobile conversations in a month's span. To cope up with this problem, we are now providing schools with communication platform that will help eradicate the gap of thoughtful transactions between parents and schools. "

School Communicator is a mobile application for parents. All-in-All, it's a platform for schools and parents that will help parents get real time push notifications regarding everything that has been happening in the school. The application is currently available on Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store. Soon, it's also going to be released on the iOS store as well. Here's how it works.

School members, teachers and school director, can send real time messages to parents regarding their ward. These messages will be sent to parents on their school app, School Communicator, as a push notification. Parents can read it and reply to it as well. Not only will the parents receive notifications sent by teachers to them, they will also receive all the notifications from the school concerning events and holidays in the school.

Owing to all these features, SchoolA2Z is daily enrolling itself with schools from all over India. SchoolA2Z bridges the digital divide between schools and parents/students by providing them with communication and easy transaction platform.

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