Stephanie Heizmann Launches Women Fashion Online For The Fashionable American Women

Stephanie tries to help in transitioning such women, and give them a new lease to life. She provides them with jobs, medical care, and accommodation.

Online PR News – 22-June-2015 – Connecticut – USA, 22th June, 2015 : We wish that there were people, who thought more about the common goodness of the society. While, there are many people, who do charity work, and involve themselves in serving the society, there are very few people, who like to give a chance to the incarcerated people. In fact, these incarcerated people, who have served a term in the prison, are not necessarily bad people. To give them an opportunity to come back to society, and live a decent life, Stephanie Heizmann has created a fashion store, which employs such women.

Stephanie & Co. is the fashion company, which has been founded by Stephanie HeizmannAuerbach. This company hires those American women, who have been in prison, and have served a jail term. Coming to think of it, there are not many people, who like to give a chance to such people, even if they are extremely talented. Not many people have her mind set.

Stephanie has been involved in creating a woman fashion online, which provides various fashionable accessories to the American women. So, one can find beautiful pearl necklaces, bracelets, rings, handbags, clutches, and many more beautiful creations. All these objects and accessories are carefully designed, and beautifully crafted. Not only does it take the ingenuity of the highly talented incarcerated women, it also provides some unique and classy designs to the customers.

As per the spokesperson of Stephanie & Co, “Our goal and mission is to create a fashion house, which hires the incarcerated American women. We try to help these women in making a transition back into the society. We provide them with jobs, housing, and proper mental health care facilities, so that they do not face any problems. When you purchase our pearl products, we transfer half of the profits to the Stephanie and Co. Foundation. So, we believe in giving back to the society.”

Stephanie’s Foundation was set up with the main aim of providing proper resources to help the incarcerated women in making a neat transition into the society. Also, they understand the American women fashion, and design the products, based on the tastes and requirements of American women. And, due to this reason, Stephanie has been creating huge waves in the fashion industry.

Intrigued after reading about Stephanie? Would you like to know more about her products, her mission, and her charity cause? Well, for getting more information on this great company, log on to You would be amazed to see the beautiful works of art, which are there. The images of the accessories are so breath taking, and the accessories themselves are out of this world. Give them a chance, and you will be owning some of the best fashionable accessories. And, what more, you would have also done something good for the society.

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