Nutrisant Nutritional Supplements May Help Guard Against Swine Flu

Nutrisant, an online retailer of high-quality health supplements, announces that its Flu Guard and Immu Guard formulas may help protect users from swine flu. Nutrisant also sells dietary supplements to help with weight management and a many other ailments.

Online PR News – 10-September-2009 – – HAUPPAUGE, NY - Nutrisant, a online retailer of quality health supplements, announces that its specially designed Flu Guard Cold and Flu formula and Immu Guard Immune System Support will boost immune systems and may help users fight off the cold and flu, including the swine flu virus.

These unique formulas are designed specifically to help the body attack colds and flu. Nutrisant's Flu Guard helps a body build cellular defense against colds and flu, enhances non-specific immunities and reduces stress. The Immu Guard formula helps a body maintain a healthy, strong immune system.

For best results, people should take Immu Guard daily and Flu Guard whenever they feel the onset of a cold or flu. Each supplement is available in a 30-day supply.

"With swine flu affecting nearly every corner of the world, many of our customers are trying to find ways to boost their immune system and provide a little more protection. Eating right, exercising, and maintaining good general health can only go so far and our Flu Guard and Immu Guard can go a long way towards protecting anyone who uses our nutritional supplements. Many of our customers report that the herbal extracts in our Flu Guard formula help reduce the length of their illness when taken at the first sign of a cold or flu," said Renee Reynolds of Nutrisant.

Nutrisant's PhD chemists have more than 40 years of experience studying the nutritional needs of men and women and the company's supplements use only the highest quality ingredients. In addition to Flu Guard and Immu Guard, the company sells daily multi-vitamins specially formulated for both men and women, supplements that encourage joint and cardiovascular health, weight management formulas, memory enhancers, antioxidant rich fruit and vegetable drink mixes and formulas for specific concerns like blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

"The natural ingredients in each of our dietary supplements are certified organic and compliant with the most recent FDA regulations. We take the health of our clients seriously and wouldn't create anything we wouldn't be proud to take ourselves. Whether you're looking to protect yourself from the most recent swine flu or want to drop a few pounds, our vitamins and supplements can lead you down the path towards good health," said Renee Reynolds.

About Nutrisant:
Nutrisant offers a variety of nutritional supplements, including ones that boost immunity, help manage weight and encourage general health. The company's supplements are developed with all natural, organic ingredients and designed by a team of PhD chemists with over 40 years experience.

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