Delivery Countdown Timer for WooCommerce and WordPress

Intice your customers to make a fast decision, by showing how much time is left before your daily orders ship out for delivery.

Online PR News – 19-June-2015 – Copenhagen – By counting down visibly, your potential customers might just wish to hurry up and order for next day delivery! have released their latest WordPress & WooCommerce plugin, this time featuring a handy jQuery Countdown Timer, based on a daily set time.

The purpose for this plugin is simple, to let your customers know how much time is left before your webshop ships out the orders of the day. By creating a scarcity effect, with time being what is limited here, it might be possible to create a better conversion rate, by convincing the website visitors exactly when you will ship your orders.

Created using the best practices of WordPress official documentation, and created by official WordPress contributors, we are sure this plugin will please anyone using it.

Features include the possibility of adding specific times for all days of the week, from monday to sunday, also possible is the exclusion of the weekend, as well as setting the timer to show/hide depending on how much time is left, in order not to scare away any customers if the time to delivery exceeds a given time.

On top of this, the plugin includes from the get-go more than 45 different languages:

Arabic, Indonesian, Malaysian, Bengali, Norwegian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Welsh, Danish, German, Estonian, Greek, Spanish, Faroese, Persian, French, Galician, Albanian, Gujarati, Korean, Hebrew, Croatian, Armenian, Icelandic, Italian, Kannada, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Malayalam, Burmese, Dutch, Japanese, Uzbek, Thai, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Ukranian, Urdu & Chinese.

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