Marketing Words of Wisdom Book from Marketing Strategist and Author Steven Howard

The newest book from marketing strategist and author Steven Howard - Marketing Words of Wisdom - helps business owners and entrepreneurs market successfully.

Online PR News – 19-June-2015 – Palm Springs, CA – Marketing strategist and author Steven Howard has published his latest book, Marketing Words of Wisdom. Written for today’s marketing professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs, Marketing Words of Wisdom provides a range of tips, guidance, and directions on the key marketing areas driving future business success.

Over the years, marketing consultant and brand strategist Steven Howard has jotted notes to himself on marketing concepts, ideas, philosophies, and pithy tips that he could share with clients or use in his writing.

These notes have been compiled into Marketing Words of Wisdom and cover four key topic areas: Customer Retention, Corporate Image and Branding, Marketing Strategy, and Marketing as a Business Driver. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.

“Marketing is not rocket science,” says Howard, whose 35-year marketing and sales career has covered a wide variety of fields, ranging from consumer electronics to publishing and from a national airline to personal financial products. “In fact, marketing is more art than science, though there are some scientific and measurable aspects to marketing.”

“I wanted to create a book of little gems, ideas, and thought starters that would enable business owners and entrepreneurs to improve their marketing results,” adds Howard. As one reader review says, “Howard's thoughts on paper are inspiring in a way that they made me think of my business and the opportunities within.”

With a long career in international marketing and sales, Howard brings a keen customer-focused insight to the evolving world of marketing. His corporate career spanned consumer electronics, a national airline, advertising sales with TIME Magazine, and VP Marketing at Citibank.

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Steven Howard is the author of nine books, including Corporate Image Management: A Marketing Discipline, Powerful Marketing Minutes, MORE Powerful Marketing Minutes, and other marketing and business related books. He also writes the Monday Morning Marketing Memo, a weekly marketing blog which has a global audience.

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