Introducing: NICKZOM - The World of Calculations

Nickzom is a free calculation-based empire that carries out for you, your simple or difficult calculations.

Online PR News – 19-June-2015 – Enugu State, Nigeria – Have you ever needed to compute a mathematical equation quickly online only to find no website available to aid you? Look no further, NICKZOM is here to stay.

NICKZOM [] is an absolutely free calculation-based website capable of solving both simple and complex equations, in a twinkle of an eye. And here's something better:

Every step taken in solving the equation is presented simply for easy comprehension of the user. NICKZOM [] doesn't just dump the answers at your feet.

Isn't that amazing?

Site Layout/Content:
At the moment, NICKZOM [] classifies all operations under four main divisions:

*Mathematics: Including Permutations, Binomial series, Algebraic identities etc.

*Engineering: Including Basic Electronics, Mechanics, etc.

*Physics: Vector Resultant, Projectiles, Wave-Particle Behavior.

*Switches: Temperature, Base and Co-ordinate Switches.

How to Carry out an Operation:

Carrying out an operation in Nickzom is so easy, that almost everyone can do it. All you need to have are the values for all the equation variables involved in the equation. For example, to calculate the Time of flight at maximum height of a projectile,

*Scroll down to the Physics section.

*Click on Projectile

*Click on Time of Flight at Max. Height

*Enter all the values needed in the boxes provided.

*Click 'Calculate.'

Within seconds, your results are displayed, including all the steps taken to arrive at the solution, and tips on units to use.

How easier can life be?

Additional Services:

*NICKZOM also has a host of brilliant, easy to use applications under the Android platform to aid calculations. Examples include the Mechanics Solver and the Surd Calculator.

*NICKZOM also has a trivia gaming application for Android users, named Knowledge Race.

*Other operations still to come in NICKZOM include:Calculus, Ordinary Differential Equations.

The Brain Behind NICKZOM []:

NICKZOM [] was created by Idoko Nicholas Chinazom, a 400 level student of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. He hails, and resides in Enugu, Nigeria.

Written By:
Ogugua Darlington Ekene