Sports Coach Evaluates and Publishes 21 Day Fix Weight Loss Method Review
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Online PR News – 19-June-2015 – Thousand Oaks,CA,USA – Sports performance coach and track athlete Monique B. evaluates the 21 Day Fix weight loss method at The program was created by fitness professional Autumn Calabrese.

The 21 Day Fix is based on a diet plan and workout schedule that promises results in 3 weeks only. The expected weight loss is of 15 pounds for the said period of time. It it thus one of the quickest slimming methods available, considering these claims. The program's creator affirms it is a safe and effective method, also being a very healthy one for any individual. Monique's detailed review is addressed to anyone who feels that the online testimonials about the 21 Day Fix diet cannot be fully trusted. Its aim is to dispel any confusions and reveal the true results of the method.

The review helps beginners understand how this works and how the weight loss is triggered. The program was meant to provide food education, including calorie and portion control, food types and matching, nutrient categories and so on. It does not cause starvation or deficiencies. The goal is to lose weight while getting optimal nutrition from each meal, day by day.

Autumn Calabrese's method is distinguishable mainly through its color-coded food containers. There is one of these for each food type that is needed in a meal. When all are employed accordingly, the meal is a fully nutritious one. Monique has tried the recommended portion sizes and is stating her opinion on the satisfaction and the ease/difficulty of following this program. Also being a fitness professional, she have it all the necessary attention and time, in order to assess its true potential. In her review, Monique also details on what happens when the exercises suggested by Autumn Calabrese are added to the daily schedule along with the diet.

Besides the diet itself, only half an hour of working out each day is expected to yield results – a claim which surprised many fitness experts. Monique has put this to the test, too. Moreover, her review is revealing information hinting at the different lifestyles. For example, the 21 Day Fix is deemed as inappropriate to vegan diet followers. To take it to the next level, the author of the review offers tips and tricks on making the program more efficient and maximize the weight loss effect.

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