Web Domination Wins Web Marketing Project

Web Domination, one of San Diego’s leading web marketing companies, is enjoying healthy growth as a local business because it does the same thing for its clients.

Online PR News – 09-September-2010 – – MC Manufacturing has hired Web Domination to promote their metal valve tags, asset tags and stainless steel tags on the internet. Several search engine optimization companies and internet marketing firms were considered in the final decision, but in the end, MC Manufacturing determined Web Domination of San Diego, CA, to be most qualified for the project.

“We like Web Domination because they approach web marketing more aggressively than other companies and were more interested in our objectives as a business. They did their homework and laid out a complete web marketing plan, not just a proposal to rank our website,“ said Megan Barton, owner of MC Manufacturing. “In the end, the decision was simple.”

Web Domination is much more than an SEO. Certainly, ranking a website in the search engines is important but, “Web marketing is so much more than what most SEO's think it is,” said Dino Maiolo, of Web Domination. “Achieving the top spot in Google is each company’s objective, but achieving the top spot for different keywords is better. Ranking multiple web properties for those keywords is what we call Web Domination.”

What Maiolo is referring to is the practice of having a company’s website, web video, directory listing and review rank on that same first page. Add to that a pay-per-click ad and a Google Maps listing for local businesses and you have complete web domination.

Other clients of Web Domination are AIRMAKERS, a local San Diego air conditioning company and Kevin Craig General Contractor. Both companies receive significant exposure on the internet. Air conditioning San Diego also has a Google Maps listing and videos throughout the internet that help them with web visibility.

Other web marketing services provided by Web Domination are email marketing campaigns, social media management and promotion, traditional advertising, pay-per-click advertising and the future of web marketing and promotion, mobile marketing strategies and techniques.

“Many of our competitors come from a technical or internet marketing background. That limits their knowledge about how business functions in the real world," asserts Maiolo, "We know that the bottom line for every company is sales. You can bring a website as much traffic as you want, but if traffic does not convert into sales, it does the client no good. Our focus is on the bottom line. We want to bring the client more customers who are ready to purchase. If we do that, then we believe we have done our job".

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