Leading Tarp Supplier, Tarps Plus, Helps a Paralyzed Surfer Surf Again With a Simple Tarp

A paralyzed surfer is able to surf again due to the advent of tarp surfing.

Online PR News – 09-September-2010 – – Palmdale, CA - Bobby DuCharme probably never thought much about how a tarp could make him happy. But his face absolutely beamed happiness when he saw what his friends were able to do with a simple blue tarp. Paralyzed in a tragic surfing accident, DuCharme had not surfed in over ten years. With the advent of tarp surfing, however, he could now experience the thrill of catching a wave once again.

Tarp surfing is simply a large blue tarp spread out over a hard, flat surface. A skateboarder rides across the tarp as two people pull the tarp up and over -- giving the appearance of surfing a wave. In Bobby's case, he rode his wheel chair through the tube of the tarp.

Bobby's friend, Jesse Schluntz, decided to surprise Bobby and organize a tarp surfing session for Bobby. When Jesse called leading U.S. tarp supplier, tarps Plus, they were more than happy to help. The company even went one step further by contacting local news stations with Bobby's story.

The owner of Tarps Plus, Michael Stein, was more than excited when he found out about Bobby's story and is now organizing a tarp fundraiser in Bobby's honor. Stein said, "Anybody can sell a product, a tarp or a widget, but this is the type of thing that wakes me up early in the morning!"

Tarps Plus currently organizes an annual tarp drive for the homeless and is planning to add a tarp drive for tarp surfers as well.

To see Bobby DuCharme tarp surfing go to: http://www.youtube.com/user/tarpsplus

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