Oak Valley International School Kapra Hyderabad registered with EnrolmentDesk

EnrolmentDesk provides more school options for parents with the registration of Oak Valley International School in their online educational portal.

Online PR News – 19-June-2015 – Hyderabad, Telangana – Hyderabad, Telangana 11/05/15. EnrolmentDesk has one more major school registered with them. Parents have now more options for them to search and compare schools to admit their children. EnrolmentDesk is an online educational portal which provides comprehensive solutions for educational institutions, and parents and students.

June in India is symbolic for monsoon and the commencement of the academic year for educational institutions. This is the time parents look out for great schools for their children. The search for the perfect school for parents in Hyderabad is far from an easy task for parents.

Conventionally, parents used to go with word of mouth references while choosing a school. This is not the case with the new generation parents. They do a lot of research on the school before giving a green signal. However, the famous and coveted schools with limited seats are sought after by many.

This results in parents searching for good schools with admissions open. It is for this reason parents seek the help of online educational portals to do a smart search. EnrolmentDesk is not just a smart online portal, it is something more! It provides admission services for those schools registered with them apart from lists of preschools to post graduate colleges with reviews.

The recent tie up of EnrolmentDesk with Oak Valley International school Kapra Hyderabad comes as a huge relief to parents. The task of parents is literally cut out. They just have to reach out for EnrolmentDesk for admissions. Usually, parents have to go school after school, collect application forms and wait for school announcements. Now, this ordeal is over.

Oak Valley International School Kapra is rated as one of the best schools in Hyderabad with CBSE syllabus. With premium infrastructure comprising of playgrounds, libraries, laboratories, and spacious campus, Oak Valley has made education an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Oak Valley school in Kapra has a clear cut vision and mission and that is to create a fertile environment for children to explore their talents and be successful. Oak Valley does a commendable job to realize these ideals and so has become the best school in Kapra.

Oak Valley provides ample freedom to children along with clear guidelines for the code of conduct. With emphasis on both academics and co-curricular activities, Oak Valley school has become a sought after school for parents in Hyderabad and its suburbs.

The academic year of 2015-16 has started and many parents are trying to get their children admitted in Oak Valley. Now, with their tie up with EnrolmentDesk one can get admission in Oak Valley in Kapra by just signing up with EnrolmentDesk. Parents can submit their children’s application forms online with EnrolmentDesk.

This comes as a huge relief for parents in Hyderabad and Secunderabad with their hectic jobs and lack of time. Oak Valley international school admissions 2015-16 are open and parents can get more details on the process from EnrolmentDesk website!