Father's Day is Near and Princess Jessica Shares Memories; Plus, the Queen's Event and Royals

Princess Jessica shares a message about her father for Father's Day, and mentions a letter sent to Queen Camilla and Prince Charles

Online PR News – 19-June-2015 – London, England – London, England, United Kingdom, Europe, June 19, 2015 -- Father's Day is the same day Summer begins, and a great way to start the Summer sharing memories and celebrating.

One day years ago, Princess Jessica Carol Kaywood Williams White decided to go out to dinner with her parents to celebrate. Over the years, her father Prince Mack Kaywood III received something from her.

And one year he received something in memory of the earlier years he would spend with just the family away from the city. This year, he will receive something that he will instantly enjoy right away and it will remind him of many great years.

Durning dinner a certain year, Princess Jessica admitted to her father Prince Mack Kaywood III, that she had to end her romantic involvement with someone she met 4 years before.

For 4 years they dated exclusively, she did not date another man in this entire world on a romantic level at that time.

The next 4 years, Princess Jessica received date invites through men verbally communicating it or via text messages and still today with nearly 600 text messages just on one cell phone, but not all three mobile phones. This is a total of 8 years with one man truly in a romantic way.

Prince Mack Kaywood III defended him, because Princess Jessica told him while having dinner about the man she dated on a romantic level. And the man she dated told her one year that he was a faithful man.

This Father's Day is a special day for all Father's around the world to celebrate and a day of appreciation.

Other Royals

Princess Jessica Carol White sent a hand written letter to Prince Charles and Queen Camilla about Queen Elizabeth II's event and her plans. She mentioned that her attendence will be noted. In so many words, Princess Jessica noted her ability to attend. Queen Elizabeth II's name is attached to the event she mentioned to Prince Charles and Queen Camilla that is at a later date. The hand written letter was sent via United States Postal Service to Clarence House, London, SW1A 1BA, with names and titles as Prince Charles, Queen Camilla, and the sender's name and title as Princess Jessica Carol White.

Also, Princess Jessica's family decided to get away and take a family vacation and they stayed in their vacation home in Destin, Florida that is in the United States of America.

Jessica Carol White