Total Care Removals Announces New Line Haul Service

Leading removals specialists Total Care Removals have announced a new “Line Haul” service.

Online PR News – 19-June-2015 – 19/6/2015 Auckland – Leading removals specialists Total Care Removals have announced a new “Line Haul” service.

Line Haul (sometimes seen written as “LineHaul” involves long-distance typically point to point relocation and removals services for companies and individual domestic customers.

Total Care Removals’ joint owners, Dan Rushton and Steve Taylor, explained further:

“Our new Line Haul service is all about long distance removals, usually on a point-to-point basis although sometimes transhipment and intermediate storage can be involved. That might include, for example, inter-island moves from say Auckland to Christchurch or Dunedin.

Of course, Total Care Removals has always offered removals over longer distances as well as local ones between perhaps one suburb and another of Christchurch etc. What makes our Line Haul service different though is that we’ve put together a rounded proposition covering the totality of the various issues that are involved in longer distance removals as opposed to shorter distance ones.

So, for example, we will be offering advice and assistance with things such as accommodation en route, local facilities at both ends of the removal, storage options and many other aspects of moves that are typically associated with long distance and longer duration removals.

We’re anticipating our new service to be of interest to domestic but also commercial clients. Our expert knowledge of all New Zealand’s major cities is at the disposal of our customers and that may be particularly attractive to those whose final destination is one they’re less than totally familiar with.

Our earliest experiences with our new Line Haul service have been encouraging and suggest there is a very significant customer demand out there for such packaged offerings.”

About Total Care Removals

As specialist house movers, NZ based Total Care Removals are located in Christchurch and Auckland.

They offer a large and diverse portfolio of removals services covering domestic residential, industrial and commercial premises clients.

Services include packing, cleaning, gardening and technology removals all managed within a total care environment. A ‘special attention’ service for highly fragile or outsize items that require very careful or specialised packing and shipment is also offered.

Storage facilities are also available. This is an area the company has expanded considerably following the Christchurch earthquake and the associated requirements for large numbers of people to put their items into temporary secure storage.

Operating a fleet of 11 trucks, the company employs 35 people across their sites.

The joint owners have between them in excess of 30 years’ experience in the removals industry and their spouses also play significant roles in the company’s management and operations.

All Total Care Removals employees are positively vetted through police sources prior to employment.

Further information

To learn more, please contact:

Total Care Removals
123 Pilkington Road
New Zealand 1072

53 Belfast Rd
New Zealand 8051
Telephone : 0800 367 668
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More detailed information on the ‘Office Bonus’ offers is available on the Total Care website