Skura SFX Releases Co-Browsing: Enhances Sales Enablement through Accessible Multichannel Excellence

CoBrowsing empowers Sales with secure HD digital sales calls, any device or file format, no downloading/plugins, and through Skura’s predictive analytics engine

Online PR News – 18-June-2015 – Oakville, Ont. – The Skura Corporation, a firm dedicated to enhancing the traditional sales orientation through adaptive sales enablement, has just released co-browsing for the Skura SFX™ program. Co-browsing is a revolutionary screen sharing function which enables inside or outside sales reps to deliver a high quality, fully accessible, and secure digital sales call from anywhere, to anywhere, through any device, on any operating system, and with any content format.

Sales reps are taking a beating, they spend more time preparing for a sales call, less time actually selling, and the customer is actually feeling less satisfied. Skura SFX Co-Browsing allows a sales rep to initiate a sales call on any device, to any receiving device, and even in groups. Unlike similar sharing tools which display a streamed image, Skura replicates the same file on all devices which ensures a high quality true image. The buyer can interact with the file in real time and communicate with a fully integrated chat tool. Finally, the program requires no downloading or plug-ins, a rep can easily initiate the meeting, and any buyer with any level of technical expertise can engage the sales call.

Co-Browsing is a unified program in the SFX environment, meaning the seller still has full content design functions, their content is still organized in their playbook, the playbook remains associated with that buyers specific persona and buying stage, and lastly, the entire interaction automatically updates the CRM system and close-loops the content consumption data to marketing for predictive insights and enhanced content development. Our Go-Rogue feature in Co-Browsing is so revolutionary, we only show it in demos!
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About Skura Corporation

Skura is empowering the next generation of sales reps. The Skura SFX™ platform is the first to offer adaptive sales enablement, providing unprecedented visibility and insight throughout the entire sales process. Skura SFX enables sales and marketing executives to engage with customers across all channels and devices – from a single platform – providing accountability and measurement across the entire sales cycle. The Skura SFX platform offers next-generation predictive analytics, ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time, increasing sales and customer success. For more information, visit: